Egg Cartons: The Essential Packaging for Fresh Eggs

Egg Cartons: The Essential Packaging for Fresh Eggs

Egg Cartons: Visually capturing additional features that are necessary to design the small package for fresh eggs Today, packaging is not only the outer covering of a product but more of everything that is essential to make the product finished and perfect for use.
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Egg cartons are essential in the handling, packaging and storage of eggs in order to avoid bruising and breaking. The design lights protect the eggs from breakages and aid in maintaining freshness at the same time. At Poultry Cartons we are particularly interested in cardboard cartons that are used to carry eggs and we pride ourselves in offering quality Egg Cartons making sure that our product does not compromise much on the environment.

Egg cartons can be traced back to a Canadian newspaper editor by the name Joseph Coyle, in the year 1911 who developed this invention after a farmer and a hotel owner quarreled over eggs that the farmer had dropped during transportation resulting into cracks hence causing the hotel owner to refuse to purchase the eggs which prompted the farmer to approach Coyle to find a solution to the dilemma of transportation and preserving the eggs and that marked the beginning of It can indeed be said that this small but highly effective appliance greatly impacted the egg industry as it gave the people a means to transport and store eggs in a safe manner.

Egg cartons and why they are crucial When it comes to transporting eggs, it is critical to ensure that the eggs are protected in the proper packing material to cushion the eggs against impact or strong vibrations during transportation.

Egg cartons are in most instances used to protect the eggs from cracks and other instances that will see them break. They do this by cupping each of the eggs in a unique pocket thereby minimizing jarring forces and the subsequent knocking of eggs. Moreover, the cartoons play a role of protecting the eggs from external influences such as temperatures and contaminants in a way that resembles a protective shield.

Cardboard Egg Cartons: It also presented an eco-friendly solution where the chemical is an excellent environmentally friendly by-product that can be used for flushing rivers, increasing the fertility of land, preventing erosion or even as a natural fertilizer in the agriculture industry.

Indeed at Poultry Cartons, we are proud of our environmental friendly standards. Our eggs are packed in heavy duty green and brown paper-based egg cartons that are Made from recycled papers and are biodegradable. The cardboard cartons on the other hand are biodegradable in nature and they break down naturally making it possible to lessen the impact on the environment and support the circular economy techniques.


Egg cartons are a very important factor needed for eggs being protected and kept fresh during the process and after delivery. Our company, Poultry Cartons, focuses on the provision of good quality, eco-friendly, biodegradable cardboard used in carton egg packing to suit both the producer and the consumer. This in combination with our recommit to offer a quality product while working to protect the environment makes Pro repeated packaging choice for producers in the egg packaging field. Select Poultry Cartons for affordable, efficient packaging of eggs through sustainable cartons.

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