Do You Think Lemonade Is Healthier Than Soda?

Do You Think Lemonade Is Healthier Than Soda?
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We all love a refreshing glass of lemonade, don’t we? Imagine you have just come home after a stride in the sun, you feel hot, and you know you are going to have a glass of fresh lemonade. Yes, a lemonade. However, do you think it is healthy? 

If you ask us if all lemonades are same, the answer is no. As all lemonades are made differently, the healthiness of each one differs. If you want to know a lemonade is healthy or not, you need to see how the lemonade was made. It is true that lemons are a power-packed source of vitamin C, too much sugar in the recipe can quickly cancel out the lemonade’s health benefits. 

Let us discover a bit more about it. 

Your favorite refreshing lemonade

Lemonade is a delicious summer beverage and each recipe contains its own pros and cons in terms of health and the taste and composition. In the US, lemonade is made in the form of a homemade summer drink prepared by mixing lemon juice with sugar and water. Sugar works here, but there are other sweeteners as well that help. This type of lemonade is a bit cloudy in nature. 

Outside the US, lemonade is made out of aerated and frizzy drinks. They are not healthy. In some places, lemonades are also prepared from concentrated lemon solutions. 

If you love lemonades, you must know to make it in a healthier way. Yes, your lemonade can be healthier, it is just the ingredients that you add it. 
And yes, lemonade is healthier than soda.

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