Difference between NFT Launchpad and NFT Marketpalce

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A simplistic view of their difference

NFT Launchpad:

 An NFT Launchpad is a platform or service that makes it easier for new NFT projects or collections to get started and get some exposure. It serves as a platform for designers, makers, and developers to release their NFT products. Typically, these Launchpads offer a range of services to help with the launch process, such as tools for community building, token production, smart contract creation, and marketing support. Their main objective is to give creators a place to show off and sell their NFTs in the early stages and to spark interest among potential customers and collectors. 

NFT Marketplace:

 An NFT Marketplace is a platform that acts as a virtual marketplace for the purchase, sale, and exchange of NFTs. It is comparable to conventional online markets like eBay or Amazon but is designed exclusively for NFT transactions. These Marketplaces include a large selection of NFTs from numerous artists and creators, encompassing a variety of categories such as collectibles, art, virtual property, domain names, and more. In order to guarantee the validity, provenance, and secure transfer of digital assets, they frequently leverage blockchain technology and offer a user-friendly interface for exploring, discovering, and buying NFTs.

This is a simple way to understand what these 2 are. While in hindsight there are a lot of similarities, there is a lot of difference too. The is also the variable of reach difference and the inclusion of the fact that these NFTs were launched in a single or multiple-day time span but they will remain on the marketplace for a longer time and will continue being traded. This is but one such elementary difference in the whole ordeal and while it is a massive difference people tend to overlook it greatly. This also results in deeper confusion occasionally. 

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