Die Casting Factories

Die Casting Factories
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14 September 2022


Die casting is a method that produces parts that are hard and durable. This technique is usually used for small-to-medium-sized components. Its advantages over other casting processes include dimensional consistency and good surface finish. A variety of alloys can be used to achieve the desired properties, such as zinc alloys, which are ideal for casting components that require superior strength.

A recent trend in the industry has been an increase in the number of Die Casting Factories. These factories mainly focus on producing parts for OEMs. Many specialize in particular alloys, while others make custom parts. For example, GM has invested $127 million in its metal casting factory in Bedford, New York.

Another benefit of a die casting factory is that it can handle large-scale production. Some of these factories use automatic machines, while others use manual machines. The type of machine used to make the parts also determines how much they weigh. For those who need smaller quantities, gravity die casting may be a more cost-effective option. In addition, tooling for this method is much cheaper than for high-pressure die casting.

A die casting factory is expensive, so a feasibility study should be performed before investing in a die casting factory. The costs of dies and machines can make the process unprofitable on a small scale. This is one reason why most companies do not start a die casting factory for small production runs.

Choosing the right die casting factory is essential to ensure quality. A Chinese manufacturer may be cheaper, but they must meet stringent quality requirements and have a quality control system. Moreover, a Chinese manufacturer's prices are competitive with those of other countries. Die casting factories in China should also offer high customer support.

In the early 70s, CWM purchased seven acres in Bensenville, IL. Though the company was mainly a die casting factory, it continued to expand its product line beyond the Chicago area. In the mid-70s, it hired an architect and began planning for a larger facility.

Die casting is a highly efficient manufacturing process. It produces parts that are sharp and accurate. The process utilizes reusable metal dies. Die casting factories should be able to help businesses produce any type of part. Using a Thomas Supplier Discovery Platform, companies can find die casting services that meet their needs.

Die casting uses a variety of alloys. For example, some parts are made of aluminum, which is very corrosion resistant. The alloy used for die-casting will depend on the intended use for the product. Also, it may be required to undergo heat-treatment. Otherwise, the parts may show bubbles and deformation. Leading die casting factories have the technical strength to analyze the composition of the materials and apply the appropriate heat treatment.

Some die-casting facilities also perform secondary operations such as hole taps, polishing, and painting. The most common type of lubricant used in die-casting is water-based. This is the safest and environmentally friendly method of lubricating the parts. However, if untreated water is used, it could cause surface defects.

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