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"This is called Xiao Liu." Gu Quannian turned his eyes and stared at the boy named Xiaoliu. He put up with it, he put up with it! He's going to.. He finally couldn't stand it! Gu Quannian moved forward in vain, holding Shi Guan's wrist in one hand, "enough!"! You come with me! He said this coldly and pulled her out of the meeting. They all froze in place and breathed a sigh of relief. Whew, this General Manager Gu is too scary! "Yes, yes, you didn't see the way he stared at me just now. I thought he wanted to come and kill me!" "Is General Manager Gu in a bad mood today?" "He won't commit domestic violence!"! My poor goddess. When Guan has been pulled out of the meeting by him, Gu Quannian's pace is very big, when Guan almost staggered a few times. Finally, when he was approaching the parking lot, Shiguan threw off his imprisonment. What are you doing?! When Guan was very angry, she looked down at her wrist, which was a little red. Shit! This neuropathy Gu Quannian! Gu Quannian, with a sullen face, took a step closer to her, and his tall and steep figure cast a shadow in these dim parking lots, completely enveloping her. Those are your friends? He began to question. Shi Guan gave him an angry white look. (End of this chapter) 268. No Chapter 268 restrained suffocation (2). Chapter 268 restraint of suffocation (2). Shi Guan gave him an angry white look. "Aren't you talking nonsense?"? Of course they are my friends! Gu Quannian eyes flash sparks, I do not know why,ultrasonic metal welding, as long as he saw when Guan and other men even say a word, he was angry to death. The thought that the men were all her friends and that they often got together to play. Gu Quannian wanted to go back and beat all these men severely. Holding back his anger, he asked, "Why are there men?" When Guan suddenly confused: "..." What, what, what? What did she just hear? Gu Quannian asked why there were men among her friends? "There's something wrong with you,ultrasonic handheld welder, Gu Quannian!" When Guan finally could not bear it, "I am not engaged in the Women's Federation, how can there be no male friends?!" Gu Quannian was also angry: "Why is it impossible? I have no female friends!"! You're the one who's going to marry me. How can you hook up with another man? “……” How can you compare him with yourself? Gu Quannian is not a female friend, even if it is a friend, it is as precious as a giant panda. No, it's definitely rarer than giant pandas. If you don't have a female friend, why can't I have a male friend? Shi Guan felt that the brain circuit of the big boss was really different from that of ordinary people. Besides, we're a fake marriage, and you said you'd live separately and not disturb each other! Her words immediately made most of Gu Quannian's arrogance disappear. But at the same time, the anger in his heart was burning more fiercely. Hearing the three words of fake marriage, Gu Quannian was not only angry, but also heartache. Does Shiguan really not care about him at all? After they get married, do they still have to live separately and can't be disturbed?! Thinking of this possibility, ultrasonic dispersion machine ,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, Gu Quannian felt uncomfortable all over. He pulled his tie irritably and his face was cold. Because of anger, Shi Guan was still muttering: "Sure enough, you are a neuropathy!"! I regret whether to agree to a fake marriage with you. Gu Quannian's eyes were shining and he pushed her directly to the wall. "What did you just say?" He asked in a cold voice. She actually said that she regretted marrying herself, and Gu Quannian simply could not accept it. When Guan Leng Ran, Nima! Did you even do it while you were talking? She is not easy to mess with, take the knee to kick him, but was directly pressed by Gu Quannian with his legs. Originally her skill was very good, but she had not fought with Gu Quannian for a long time, and she almost forgot. Gu Quannian's skill is even better than hers. If she really fights, she really can't beat her. Shiguan, I don't allow you to be with other men, even if you touch them and say a word! Gu Quannian resumed his usual cold tone, strong orders, and did not allow anyone to refuse. At that time, Guan simply wanted to fight with this neuropathy. "Why do you care about me?"! I love "Well.." Before she had finished speaking, Gu Quannian bent over and cast a dark shadow, and without saying a word, he kissed her mercilessly. Perhaps because of holding his breath for a long time, Gu Quannian has been swallowing his pride since he wanted to make a change to make her not hate herself so much. Even if he encounters something that annoys him very much, he can only endure it in order not to let Shi Guan get angry with himself. But today, she didn't tell herself where she had gone at all. As a result, when he came here, he saw the male friends who were familiar with her. (End of this chapter) 269. No Chapter 269 restrained suffocation (3). Chapter 269 restraint of suffocation (3). Perhaps the time of depression is too long, Gu Quannian felt that since he met Shiguan, he felt that many things were beyond his control. In the past, he would not be angry, jealous, or care about anyone. But now, it seems that everything has changed. It made him feel a little confused. Shiguan has always been a completely different person from himself. She had friends, she had joys and sorrows, and she was obviously closer to them, her friends, than she was to him. At the thought of these, Gu Quannian's anger, which he had endured for so long, finally broke out completely. The huge empty parking lot was silent, but fortunately no one passed by, leaving only the two of them. Feeling numb, she really thought she was going to be burned paper money next year. Gu Quannian finally let her go. Feel very breathing is not smooth, when Guan simply want to fight with the dog man in front of him,Ultrasonic emulsifier machines, there is no way. She was so angry that she could only stare at him viciously. Gu Quannian did not dare to look directly at her now, for fear that he could not control himself. After a moment of calmness, Gu realized what he had done. fycgsonic.com

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