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What is Configuration Management?

Configuration Management (CM) is a systematic process for establishing and maintaining consistency of a product's performance, functional, and physical attributes with its requirements, design, and operational information throughout its life. It is a critical practice in fields such as software engineering, information technology, and systems engineering. DevOps Online Training.

At its core, CM involves the detailed recording and updating of information that describes an enterprise's hardware and software. This includes documenting and tracking changes made to these systems over time. The primary objective is to ensure that the current design and build state of the system is known, and that any changes are made in a controlled and coordinated manner. This process helps in maintaining the integrity and traceability of the configuration throughout the product lifecycle.

Key components of Configuration Management include:

Configuration Identification: This involves selecting and documenting the configuration items (CIs), which are the products, results, or services that are managed under CM. It also includes establishing baselines, which serve as reference points for future development and can be returned to if needed. AWS DevOps Online Training.

  1. Configuration Control: This process ensures that all changes to configuration items are systematically evaluated, approved, and implemented. This helps prevent unauthorized alterations that could jeopardize system integrity and functionality.
  2. Configuration Status Accounting: This component involves the recording and reporting of information needed to manage a configuration effectively, including the status of proposed changes and the implementation of approved changes.
  3. Configuration Audits: These are periodic checks to verify that the configurations comply with the specified requirements and to ensure that all changes have been accurately recorded and implemented. DevOps Training in Hyderabad.

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