Cryptocurrencies have won. A Story From a Time Traveler From 2050

Cryptocurrencies have won. A Story From a Time Traveler From 2050
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Greetings from the future! Thanks for letting me tell you about 2050. I am pleased to share with you the state of affairs regarding crypto and NFT adoption in my time.

To begin with, let me tell you that the use of digital currencies and NFTs has become a norm worldwide, and their adoption has been nothing short of exponential. By 2050, these technologies have been fully integrated into many aspects of our lives.

Do you still use fiat? Or have cryptocurrencies become the main means of payment?

In my time, cryptocurrencies are much more common than fiat currencies. However, not all countries and territories are ready to abandon the national currency. There are still about ten states that continue to issue it. However, I believe that fiat will completely disappear in the next ten years. So, cryptocurrencies have won.

What about decentralization in management? How popular are DAOs in 2050?

DAOs have become an increasingly popular way for people to collaborate and achieve common goals, from funding new businesses and charitable causes to developing new technologies and building decentralized infrastructure. And it has made management more efficient than ever before in history.

What about ordinary life? How much has blockchain changed the way you live?

Well, it changed it a lot. For example, lots of things are sold as NFTs. Not only digital art and collectables, but also properties. In our time, almost all real estate properties are sold as NFTs. They are uniquely represented, allowing for easy and secure transfer of ownership.

NFTs have revolutionised how people buy and sell real estate properties, eliminating the need for intermediaries such as brokers and lawyers. Instead, individuals can buy and sell properties directly, automating the entire process through smart contracts. These smart contracts are self-executing, meaning that they automatically execute the terms of the agreement once certain predetermined conditions are met.

As a result, the process of buying and selling real estate properties has become more efficient, cost-effective, and transparent, as all transactions are recorded on a public ledger that is tamper-proof and fully transparent.

Moreover, NFTs have also made it easier for individuals to invest in real estate properties, even if they cannot afford to buy a whole property. With fractional ownership made possible through NFTs, individuals can now invest in a portion of a property and earn a proportionate share of the profits from that property.

How does it work? Is there any marketplace or company that deals with tokenized real estate?

Yes, we use the marketplace to trade resale properties, and there are also several large global companies that build houses and sell them in the form of NFTs. The market leader now is Home Key, which, by the way, started working in your time. In 2050, Home Key is building state-of-the-art technology homes for millions of people around the world and offering a high return on building investment. But the homes themselves are still real, not digital, haha.

So, the use of cryptocurrencies and NFTs has completely transformed the world, making it more accessible, efficient, and transparent. It is an exciting time to be alive, and I cannot wait for you to experience this incredible future. I hope to tell you more about 2050 next time!

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