Connaître les familles d'accueil à l'étranger et comment elles vous choisissent

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For students, there’s nothing better than summer, even if it can seem endless at times! To keep boredom away from these months of sun and freedom, english summer tamarit for children and teenagers is a fantastic solution.


Read on to discover all the advantages of a study holiday for teenagers and give your children an unforgettable summer!


Take your language skills to another level.


The most obvious reason to send your children to one of the many summer camps for teenagers is to improve their language skills.


Connaître les familles d'accueil à l'étranger et comment elles vous choisissent


Nothing compares to learning a language in total immersion, but during the school year, it can be difficult to find the time to send your children abroad. Summer is the perfect time to help them improve their language skills in a junior camp, where they will be constantly immersed in the language they are studying all day, every day.


Turn learning a language into a holiday.


The moment learning a language starts to be a commitment, students automatically become more listless. That’s why it’s always a great idea to go on a study trip that’s more reminiscent of an exotic getaway than summer school.


Enjoy your favorite hobbies and activities or discover new ones.


Academics vs. sports is a common conflict when deciding on your child’s summer hobbies. You might be in dilemma in planning how to combine the two. Unlike summer courses offered by local schools or institutes, summer camps abroad offer the opportunity to pursue a hobby you love while speaking your target language.


Sports fans can choose from a range of options, including football, basketball, rugby, tennis, golf, horse riding, and surfing. More creative children have the opportunity to pursue other hobbies such as fashion, cooking, art, design, and theatre. Basically, there are no limits to the perfect summer plans for kids. Your kid will be taken to ancient museums where they will explore escritores irlandeses.


Meet guys from all over the world & discover new cultures


It’s a fact – what kids love most about summer camps is getting to know other students from all over the world who then become lifelong friends.


The added advantage of an international group is that the students are forced to communicate in the common language, the one they are learning during the summer camp. Exposure to different cultures, such as colonias en ingles, has been shown to have a huge impact on student maturity, and this type of experience is exactly why you should send your children abroad to study!


A carefree summer


If the children don’t want to give up that feeling of independence, parents and families at the same time can rest assured, knowing that the kids are supervised at all times by professionals who are experts in the language studied and come from the world of education.


If you’re still unsure, remember that a language summer camp offers something for everyone. Your teen will meet new friends, enjoy their favorite hobbies and sports every day, and gain a new sense of independence that will benefit the whole family.


As for you, however, you can enjoy a break from parenting, knowing full well that your children will learn a language much faster than you can imagine, all under the supervision of experts.


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