COMPLETE Chest Workout | Push-ups & Dumbbells ONLY

COMPLETE Chest Workout | Push-ups & Dumbbells ONLY
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08 May 2022

I'm going to be giving you a super effective chest workout that you can do right from your house, just using pretty light pair of dumbbells and different push-up variations, emphasizing and engaging different areas of your chest, from your split to your outer, your lower to your upper, giving you a complete chest workout.

I'm going to be showing you different tips and exercises that help me, personally, along the way when trying to define certain areas of my chest, like the split, upper chest, and the lower chest. And when working out from home, most people don't really have any equipment other than just a pair of dumbbells, although I have made videos in the past of intense chest workouts where I've gotten a crazy pump only using push-up variation. But today we're gonna compound that effect by adding weight and supplementing this routine with some dumbbells.

It's very likely you're not gonna have heavy weights in your house, but we're gonna ensure hypertrophy by doing drop sets with higher rep ranges and dumbbell exercises, going straight into our pushups, increasing the time under tension. So if you're ready to get a super effective chest workout right from home, have your dumbbells ready to go, and then just download the Thenx app from the App store or Google Play store if you haven't already, so that you can have this routine and properly follow along. Open up to the YouTube Workouts section. You're gonna be able to find this workout.

There's a warmup that you can do at the top, if you're not already warmed up. For everyone else ready to go, smash the like button. Let's start with the first exercise, dumbbell one arm press. For the first two exercises, we're gonna emphasize on each pec individually. You can start off with both hands up. 10 on one side, 10 on the other one. If you want more of a challenge, you can bring this one down, too. 

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