Common hair extensions people make –

Common hair extensions people make –
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28 November 2022

Hair extensions are so much fun for they can effortlessly transform your look in just no time. However, you'll be shocked by these most common mistakes people make with respect to hair extensions. Not every person is a hair wiz and not every person has the privilege to find the best extensions that will enhance their look and so they end up making a lot of mistakes, that is where our blog proves to be useful! When we say you're committing these mistakes, we obviously have no intensions to blame you as everybody is committing these at the same time. 

Hair extensions are a gift since short haired women can have the length they have always yearned for and long haired women can add volume to their long locks. Saying this doesn't imply that short haired women aren't getting added volume as well however length is the greatest change while using extensions. Whether you're involving cut in or colored extensions, you will see a moment change in a matter of few seconds- that in itself is such an amazing thing. Let’s not disregard super durable choices like tape and sewn in hair extensions, these styles elevate your normal hair with the comfort of being in your hair for a couple of months. 

Here are some of the most common hair extension mistakes you need to avoid at all costs. Read on: 

Washing Your Hair Too Early after adding Tape Hair Extensions

Your hair stylist in Surrey should know everything about hair extensions. You should not hesitate to pose any many questions you have in your mind with respect to taking care of your extensions once you step out of the salon. Tape hair extensions are known to have a stringent list of do's and don'ts. Notwithstanding, the main rule in our books is knowing the right time to wash your hair subsequent to having your extensions applied. Any stylist will advise you to wait for at least 3 days after application so it gives the bond on the glue enough time to set, but if you can leave it longer than 3 days, that is better. 

Being Excessively Harsh with Your Extensions

Being excessively harsh with your extensions will be inconvenient to their life expectancy. It is an investment you have made and you should be taking care of it just like your natural hair.

Assuming that you brush your hair roughly, you will find your extensions to shed and break at an abnormal rate. Rather than being harsh, tenderly brush them to get rid of the tangles. You can talk to your stylist and know about the right tips to take care of your hair extensions in Vancouver.

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