Carbon Sequestration and Sustainable Agriculture: The Connection to Organic Fertilizers

Carbon Sequestration and Sustainable Agriculture: The Connection to Organic Fertilizers
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Soil carbon sequestration, also known as carbon farming or regenerative agriculture, includes various ways of managing land, especially farmland so that soils absorb and hold more carbon. This involves the capture and utilization of atmospheric carbon into the soil to promote soil and plant health. This can be done by incorporating some agricultural practices and catalyzing the process with the use of carbon-based organic fertilizers to ensure the availability of adequate quantities of this vital micronutrient. An added benefit is that these fertilizers are also retailed online by some of the best brands to aid in easier accessibility.

How is carbon sequestration done?

Agricultural fields can act as a carbon sink through sequestering or binding greenhouse gasses such as carbon dioxide. As crops photosynthesize to produce their food, they remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and create the oxygen we need to breathe. Through this chemical process, carbon is sequestered in the soil. Disturbing soil by ploughing or tilling a field can cause the release of stored carbon dioxide back into the atmosphere. When farmers don’t till their fields, carbon stays stored in the ground. This is an important way how agriculture can play a role in addressing climate change. Also, reduced soil disturbance, enhancement of permanent soil cover, and implementation of crop rotation can add to carbon sequestration. As this results in climate change, it can significantly contribute to increasing agricultural productivity and the farmers’ revenue.

Effect of Organic Fertilizers on Carbon Sequestration

Fertilization considerably influences soil greenhouse gas fluxes. The addition of fertilizer significantly increases CO2 emissions as it enhances soil microbial biomass carbon (MBC). Organic fertilizers are especially useful for the same as they break down only on microbial action. Thus, they not only promote soil carbon sequestration but also increase soil CO2 emission inevitably. Furthermore, studies have found that CO2 emissions are directly proportional to the amount of carbon in the fertilizer. Various structural equation models have been developed that indicate that the soil CO2 flux is significantly and positively correlated with soil dissolved organic carbon, MBC, and soil pH.

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