Buy a cheap cPanel license and make web hosting efficient

Buy a cheap cPanel license and make web hosting efficient
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If you want to raise your business slowly at a reasonable price, then you should buy a PKNIC card. So, for the registration of the pk domain for your website, get an authorized registry. Therefore, various links in Pakistan provide perfect policies while getting PKNIC prepaid in bulk. They provide their customers with thorough contentment and keep them on topmost requirements. Moreover, the PKNIC domain price relies on the arithmetic and links you with the link. You get extraordinary recurrence, adaptability, and openness if you get more cards. Every card drives with a card perpetual number and pin. Therefore, you can imply your card number and pin and you are enough to utilize or reinstate your domain for a long time. Hereby, registration of the pk domain has become easy by getting the PKNIC domain at a reasonable rate.

Let’s get started:

 What is a PKNIC prepaid card?

PKNIC prepaid card is an outstanding encrypted code used to recover the pk domain panel. With this exemption, one can register or renovate any Pakistani domain name—pk,,,, est. Likewise, you can get PKNIC Prepaid Cards from a reliable Web hosting company accordingly. Therefore, you will get surely get your cards through an email account after making your purchase.

Registration and renewal of PKNIC cards:

After getting your registration the of pk domain from any domain Registrar Company in Pakistan, you would think about its renewal! So, you must get a PKNIC prepaid card from an approved company to register and restore your domain rapidly. The time for the registration process of the pk domain is only two years. Thus, one of the uncertain insights for registering or renewing a pk domain name is procuring the PKNIC Prepaid cards. Moreover, the card is only achievable at the best resellers of PKNIC. Therefore, after the approval of your payment, you can get your PKNIC prepaid card in a few days.

What is the buying procedure for a PKNIC card?

Most people are unaware of the work of this local Registry globally. Similarly, people aren’t familiar with the cost-effective sources to standby their namespace under its right. Though, even the Registry's website has an inadequacy of statistics. Yet, in that case, the best website-developing companies assist their clients. Therefore, they simplify everything a usual user thinks for buying, Renewing, shifting, Adjusting, and Authorizing a PK extension.

What are the Card payment mode and delivery times?

You can buy your pk domain cards anywhere nearby within 10 minutes or 2 hours of your location. Whenever you have bound within your location.  You have to send an email with location hints as confirmation, and your cards will transfer to you close by an encrypted code.

From the place where you acquire your cards, they have diverse location processes, whether nearby or globally. However, you can pay via bank transfer, cards, and bitcoins. Thus, you can prefer the safest mode to register your domain.

How do PKNIC card providers deliver their services?

The country-based suffix, such as .pk, is more valuable and consistent. In this manner, you could check the workshops or aspects that a PKNIC card provider facilitates for you. Likewise, you must confirm that they deliver you unlimited mistakes and safe and speedy credits that support you to register or revive your domain.

 For doing so, you find the best provider who delivers these administrations at a very reasonable price. Thus, you should peep via an unusual procedure and get evaluations about various links. Then, resolve the best one with the most insignificant rate and comprehensive day support.

What are the perks of a PKNIC prepaid card?

The followings are some perks of the PKNIC prepaid card:

·       Most manageable and quickest structure:

It is the safest method to register your domain with a PKNIC card. Therefore, it is an inordinate, most reliable, and quickest structure to buy a pk domain with a PKNIC card. You can get a domain without a doubt, and register your PKNIC domain very easily.

·       Easy payment structure:

The payment mode for purchasing a PKNIC card is simple and time management is great. Therefore, it has become easy to pay through credit cards or bitcoin for the purchase of these cards.

·       Very easy and simple to do:

You can process the buying and registering of these cards on your own without getting help from anyone.

·       Easy requirements:

The best thing about PKNIC cards is that they are a simple collection, pay, and grab your prime thing.

·       Budget-friendly rate:

There is an opportunity for you to get these cards in bulk at a fair discounted price. If you purchase in bulk, then it will give you high reprise and commitment.

Method of renewal of pk domain:

Like every other facility, it has become very easy to renovate your pk domain name by purchasing a PKNIC prepaid card. However, you can easily renew your pk domain name from any reliable PKNIC reseller.

The procedure of pk domain transfer:

You can transfer your PK domain from one registrar to another very easily. As people wish to transfer the domain from one provider to another as the registrar's renovation fee is minimal than the preceding registrar’s fee.

Though, you must provide a professional approval letter to PKNIC. That letter ought to have your current pk domain holder's company letterhead and a company stamp or trademark. Similarly, you have to attach one copy of your CNIC and a copy of your Chief Executive Officer. To sum up, if you need the transferal of your PKNIC ID number, you must state your PK domain name and state your domain ID.


PKNIC Prepaid cards are the easiest way for the registration of PKNIC domain. Also, you can restore your domain for a seriously extended expanse of time price. Hereby, Navicosoft has been serving its clients for decades. In this front-line world, their administrations help you in making your business atmosphere influential.

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