Building An Online Video Education Platform: All You Should Know

Building An Online Video Education Platform: All You Should Know
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25 November 2022

There is a tendency to move from conventional textbooks and implement technology and video in the education sector. The educational video streaming services change the teaching and learning process by helping personalize an educational approach. It is more effective than using a one-size-fits-all approach. 

Streaming platform is not only about IPTV business opportunities. Online video streaming platforms help people learn despite distance and geographical boundaries. 

Why are educational online video streaming platforms popular?   

There are the following reasons why learning via educational video streaming platforms is popular:

#1 Easy learning

Videos allow teachers to break complex thoughts and concepts into chunks that are easier to understand. 

It simplifies the learning process more than reading a text. Moreover, students can re-watch the most difficult episodes if necessary. 

#2 Faster attention capturing

Visual elements increase student engagement with a lesson. It can also contribute to better memorization, which makes videos ideal for learning complex concepts and simplifying the learning process.

#3 Access

Online learning platforms provide easier access for students and teachers, making the learning process much easier. Students can be where they want and study. Online learning also allows learning without barriers for those who are unable to attend school or university.

What are the advantages of online learning for educational institutions?

Online video learning increases the number of students that can attend a lesson. They bring additional advantages to institutions compared to those schools, colleges, and universities that don’t offer educational platforms. 


Online video streaming platforms provide professors with a feature to pre-record lectures so that students can watch them whenever this is convenient. It helps increase students’ engagement with the curriculum.

Flexible learning

Students can enjoy the learning process more as they are up to decide when to watch videos and dive deep into the complex material. They can study at their own pace with their learning style. 

Teachers, in their turn, can pay attention to other tasks and improve the lectures benefiting from the time they obtain. 

Live seminars

Online video streaming platforms usually provide teachers with live streaming functionality. They can combine pre-recorded lectures that students watch when they want and live seminars where everybody can talk in real-time and participate in class.

Brand image

Educational video streaming platforms can help institutions spread the word and create a brand image. It can help them attract more students from around the world.

What do you need to consider when creating an educational video platform?


It is better to obtain a video streaming solution that has customization functionality. You will be able to personalize the platform, which will contribute to creating a brand image and associate it with your institution.


Not only streaming international services such as Netflix, HBO or local NimiTV need their revenue. Consider choosing a video streaming solution with various monetization functionality: from subscription- and advertising-based to pay-per-view models. You will be able to make content accessible to a variety of students and have revenue.

In-cloud or on-premise 

You will need to decide whether to host in-cloud or on-premise. Consider your business goals and the size of the platform. If you are still unsure, you can obtain a platform that allows for both types.


It is better to secure your content from malicious actors who would like to steal your videos and not pay for them. That’s why to choose a platform that can protect your content.

Live streaming

As mentioned above, some video streaming solutions (inc. CDN IPTV)  allow you to go live. When it comes to education, live streaming can help you create an immersive learning experience. Teachers will be able to connect with students, and students will be able to ask questions directly. 


The analytics features that video streaming platforms have will show you how well or not your platform performs. You will be able to understand how students watch videos and interact with them. This data helps optimize content and enhance the platform’s performance.  


The best video streaming solution is one that allows to arrange the students-teacher interaction and provides a smooth experience for learning and teaching. 

It is high time to join those educational institutions that already have online platforms. Everyone benefits from that: students, professors, and stakeholders.

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