Blood shadow magic skill

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With the turbid flow, all the actions are dirty, such as sinking into the mud, sinking deeper and deeper, eventually unable to extricate themselves. In order to please the temptress, he did not hesitate to steal the most precious antiques in the world and the things that the temptress liked. Accept Yan Xi's decree, only the order of the temptress is obedient. Rape and theft are abandoned by Wulin, especially the great precepts of famous schools. If one of them is committed occasionally, it will be despised by the chivalrous way, and it is hard for people to understand. Light is driven out of the door wall, heavy is to become a street rat that everyone shouts to fight, the offender is tantamount to self-destruction of the future, not to ruin his reputation. Human nature has always been good, but it is difficult to choose good in the end, and it is easy to go from good to evil. This fellow is endowed with insidious nature and is very sophisticated. He is born to be clever. It is a good thing to be clever. However, if he does not use the right path, he will help his evil. This is Lang's theorem of "the capable minister who governs the world, the evil male in troubled times". Since he was a kind and hateful person, if he met a decent master, he could have created a genius in the martial arts world. However, he was misled by Xuanlingzi's extreme arrogance. He could neither observe him before, nor punish him for his first offense. His death was out of control. Just because this fellow is skillful, does all the bad things, and is extremely vicious, on the surface, he still pretends to be chivalrous, and is good at creating opportunities to do a few things that seem chivalrous and righteous for people to see, exaggerating them as if they were serious, deliberately publicizing them, and trying to please the public with claptrap. For those who do not know his background, no one knows that he is incorrigible and has committed heinous crimes. What he does in the dark is all the activities of the underworld of the Greenwood and the Five Gates. On the surface, it is high-sounding and respectable words, so-called full of benevolence, righteousness and morality,Flush valve price, and male thieves and female prostitutes in their stomachs. There is no eternal secret in the world, let him all kinds of delirium, all kinds of treachery, can get away with it for a while, and finally the evil deeds are becoming more and more obvious, and the evil deeds of Fu Qianli arouse the indignation of the chivalrous way. Ever since, ice charcoal is different from the stove, fumigation is still different from the vessel. This fellow has already committed the big taboo of prostitution and theft. He eats the marrow and knows the taste. He acts perversely and goes even further. At first, he only did it secretly, covering up the sky, and he had some scruples. Ever since I heard that Nai Shi believed in solid favor and let it go, I have been successful. Since he is in cahoots with Luo Qiongzhu,Prison toilet for sale, a girl from Miyang, and foxes and mice are in the same position, he is close to men and women in sex. Poisoned by evil, he specializes in heresy. In addition to helping temptresses to take the preparation of ecstasy, Yang medicine, is the wanton picking of flowers, and even cut the girl's nipple and male penis for the use of medicine. Such as the discovery of men and women endowed with very good, but also play patted flowers to rob, prepared for him and the temptress as a "furnace tripod.". Just before May, because he colluded with the temptress and the party of foxes and dogs, including the three heroes of the Lu family, the plot was very poisonous, and he released the rumor that he would have another "Lintong Dou Bao" after the "Tong Reading Meeting" 20 years ago. He would hold a hundred treasure meeting first, and then everyone would decide to seize the treasure. It not only re-determines the strength and weakness of the famous schools in Wulin, but also determines the leader of the Wulin Alliance. If you win, you are the king; if you lose, you are the bandit. If you don't come to the meeting at that time, you will show your weakness and hide your clumsiness. From then on, you will be removed from the Wulin. Those who have become sects will be dissolved by themselves. Those who have not become portals are not allowed to act as Taoists in Jianghu, let alone call names. The meanest thing is to stipulate that participants, whether in the name of sects or individuals, should report to Tongguan at that time and present the entrance ceremony first, which is a recognized treasure. Otherwise, if you refuse to attend the meeting on the grounds that you are not qualified, Time Delay Faucet ,Stainless Steel Trough Urinal, that is to say, you will defeat the enemy without fighting, and you will have to admit defeat. His reason is: You do not even have the ability to get a treasure, the skill of Qian donkey, the way is limited, please help yourself, do not have to find trouble to make a fool of yourself! Of course, with these ghosts and monsters, they have the same taste of smelly meat, look in the mirror in the shit pit, and wrap their feet with cloth to make a smelly collar. Of course, they know that they are not enough to call on, but only make people ridicule them as cockroaches who do not know how ugly they are. Whimsical, he gave the papier-mache hat to people, talked to himself, added fuel and sauce, and caught all the characters of the good and evil factions. He became a witch and a ghost. He said to the chivalrous Taoism that he was the "Eight Eccentrics of the Southern Heaven" and the famous devils such as Dongxiu, Nanni, Xima, Beihou and Zhongdao. It is said that the leaders of Kunlun, Shaolin, Wudang, Zhongnan, Tiantai, Huashan and other famous schools shouted at each other and were leaked by their subordinates. They speak with certainty, although they are all chasing after the wind and creating something out of nothing, because they are skillful in spreading rumors and slander, and they do their best to provoke and alienate people. The news in Wulin is the fastest, and it is easy to get right and wrong. It immediately spreads all over the world, shaking the whole Wulin. It turns out that the biggest problem of the characters in the martial arts world is that they have a good name, except for a very small number of people who are prophetic, who hide from the world and escape from fame, who forget both things and who are free from secrets. Not only the "novices" who have just made their debut take the creation of "Waner" as their first priority, but also the people who have become famous are keen on it. This is because they attach great importance to the words "the sound of a wild goose is left behind, and the name of a dead man is left behind", and they would rather die than be famous. Of course, those who are not famous are always striving for fame, while those who are already famous, in order to maintain their reputation and prestige, are also doing their duty to maintain or develop their fame. In this way, in order to fight for fame and enmity, from enmity to enmity, it becomes a link of war, resulting in the fact that Wulin will never be separated from the killing of enemies. Lan Yin Xu Guo, Wulin is eventful, the main reason is for this "name"! Qunchou uses this killer Jane, don't think it's plain, but what makes people exclaim is here. The wisest man in the world, no matter what he says or does, the main secret of success is to grasp the important link. A word is better than a thousand words. After years of poverty, he did not succeed immediately. For example: the treatment of silk, regardless of its multifarious, as long as we can understand the longitude and latitude, the outline is the same, naturally handy, without confusion. The so-called antelope hanging horns, the first written Chu court, just right. Group of ugly this plan, is scratching the itch. Just imagine: no matter who you are, both good and evil, as long as you are on the list, it is tantamount to being held up to the sky, and the two sides are incompatible. In this way, who can come forward to say that there is no such thing, that there is no such thing? No matter which side, which one comes out to deny, he will become the target of public criticism, not only saying that he is afraid of things, but also losing the face of his colleagues, and even collapsing the stage of Wulin. It does not become a rat crossing the street, everyone shouted to fight, naked women paraded through the streets, and everyone laughed at it? Everyone has a competitive heart,Service Sink Faucets, as long as one side of the denial of this matter, it will become an insult to the opposing side, saying that you are afraid.

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