Best tips for choosing Kashmiri Saffron Online

Best tips for choosing Kashmiri Saffron Online
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Saffron or Kesar is a wonder spice that not only pleases the palate but also has incredible health advantages. As a result of the work required to produce a significant amount of this spice, it is one of the most expensive commodities.

It's crucial to take into account several criterias when picking Kashmiri saffron online to be sure you're getting a genuine and high-quality product.

Here are some recommendations for the top Kashmiri saffron available online: 

Grading of quality

Saffron from Kashmir is divided into many classes according to its hue, aroma, and thread thickness. The best quality is referred to as "Mongra" or "Sargol," and is followed by "Lacha" and "Guchhi." Make sure the seller specifies the saffron quality they are providing.


The quality of the saffron must be preserved by proper packing. To keep saffron safe from moisture and light, look for it in packaging that are vacuum-sealed or stored in airtight containers. Avoid buying saffron that is offered loose or in transparent packaging as it can be of poor quality or have been stored incorrectly.


Due to its labor-intensive growing procedure, genuine Kashmiri saffron is pricey. Be wary of prices that seem abnormally low because they can indicate saffron that is adulterated or of poor quality. To confirm the saffron's validity, see if the vendor offers certificates or lab tests from renowned institutions.

Ratings and reviews from clients

Check out the online retailer's or the particular saffron item you're interested in by reading customer reviews and ratings. Genuine evaluations can shed light on the saffron's flavor, taste, and quality as well as the trustworthiness of the vendor.



Price contrast

To obtain a sense of the pricing range for authentic Kashmiri saffron, compare prices from several vendors. If a seller's pricing seems too good to be true, the saffron is probably either of lower quality or has been tampered with.

Options like organic and fair-trade

Look for vendors who provide these options if you prefer organic saffron or want to support fair trade principles. Fair-trade saffron guarantees that farmers receive fair wages and have safe working conditions while organic saffron is grown without the use of artificial fertilizers or pesticides.


You can boost your chances of finding real and premium quality Kashmiri saffron online by taking into account these suggestions. Always check reviews and base your choice on your needs and financial constraints.

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