Because of the temperature it becomes more human-like

Because of the temperature it becomes more human-like
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16 November 2023

Doll manufacturers are always looking for ways to improve all aspects of the doll lover's experience. Since sex dolls are made of TPE or silicone material, they provide room temperature tactility. To enhance their realism, they are warmed by heating so that they can relatively mimic human body temperature, resulting in a significant improvement in realism.

There are many ways to heat a doll on the market, the most common being an internal heating system built into the doll's body. It heats the doll from the inside, as if it were generating heat itself. Of course, other methods such as electric blankets, vaginal heating rods, etc. can also provide the best home solutions for doll owners.

In this article, we focus on common ways to heat sex dolls to make them more realistic!

internal heating system
Most doll brands on the market have a “body heating” option, let’s explore this feature further:

How does a built-in heating system work?

The built-in heating system in a sex doll usually consists of heating wires installed inside the body of the doll. Although heating systems vary slightly from brand to brand, they all work in the same way. There is a charging hole on the doll. Plug the power cord into the charging port and plug the other end into the power supply. Then heat the body temperature to your desired temperature. Different brands have different heating effects.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Internal Heating

1. Increase the sense of reality: The built-in heating mechanism can well simulate the warmth and temperature of the real human body, enhance the tactile feeling, and help promote an intimate experience.
2. Easy to use: Just press the on/off button to heat your sex doll.

* shortcoming:
1. Extra Cost: Body heating features always come at an extra cost.
2. Limited heating range: It cannot heat thicker parts such as breasts and chests, nor can it heat love holes such as vaginas.

Heating system precautions

1. For most heating systems, each heating time should be within 30 minutes to avoid damaging the doll's material. If the temperature is not where you want it to be, pause for a while and then start heating again.
2. Most manufacturers do not offer a warranty on built-in heating systems.
3. The heating effect may be different in different parts of the body.
4. Do not place sex dolls while heating.
5. Please cut off the power supply before using the doll.
6. Try not to let the doll move violently after heating.
7. The heating function is only an additional function and cannot achieve the real-person constant temperature effect.
8. The heating system of the WM doll cannot exist at the same time as the respiratory system, gel breast or automatic sucking function.

external heating device
Electric blankets and heating rods are commonly used as cost-effective heating methods for keeping dolls warm.

Body Heating – Heating Blankets

It is highly recommended to replace the internal heating system, electric blankets have almost the same heating effect as the heating system. Blankets typically contain heating elements made of insulated wire that are embedded within the fabric of the blanket.

Cover or wrap the doll with a heating blanket and plug it in to heat the wires and create heat. Most heating blankets have different temperature settings so you can adjust the heat level to heat your sex doll to your desired temperature.

Love Holes Heating – Heating Rods

Sex doll heating wands are specifically designed to heat the love holes (vagina, anus and mouth). It is usually a long, thin device that is inserted into the hole and then connected to a power source to heat the hole.

It provides a warm tunnel that simulates the natural body temperature of a real partner, making your intimate experience with a sex doll feel more realistic.

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