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Amsterdam remains the most expensive city in the Netherlands with prices going up 8.6% and tenants paying €24.29 per square meter. This is followed by the cities like Amstelveen (20.45 euros per square meter), Haarlem (19.93 euros), and Leiden (19.90 euros). The Hague and Rotterdam prices are slightly below the national average.

Rental costs in the Netherlands continue to rise to reach a record average price of €17.18 per square meter in the first quarter of 2022. These dramatic price hikes come after a sharp drop in rental prices during the coronavirus pandemic as there was a shortage of new ex-pats in major Dutch cities. The studies show that this rental price rise happened due to the supply of a lesser amount of rental houses and rooms compared to the demand.

 In the Netherlands, you can rent both public and private (non-subsidized) housing. The rules apply to both tenants and landlords. They include rent security or guarantees, rent price, rent hikes, maintenance fees, service tax, etc. Here, we discuss apartment room for rent in Amsterdam.

Rental Management Company Duties

  • Understanding Tenancy Law
  • Marketing of rental properties
  • manage tenants
  • rental income from tenants
  • Responding to Resident Complaints and Disputes
  • perform property maintenance
  • supervise employees
  • Handling real estate property budget

Rental house owners have multiple activities to handle emergency repairs, non-payment of rent, and maintenance fees that need to be kept up to date and all administration. If you hire professional rental management services like Rent Room in Amsterdam, then it will handle the above-said activities and can get you a suitable apartment room for rent in Amsterdam as per your needs and budget.

Being a top-notch rental management agency in Amsterdam, it has a wide network of unfurnished, semi-furnished, and fully furnished rooms for rent. As Amsterdam is one of the biggest tourist and education destinations in Europe. So people from all parts of the world come here and they are on the constant lookout for affordable accommodations.

If you are in Amsterdam for business commitments or studying, then staying in the city is inevitable. A comfortable and affordable stay is essential to making your visit to the city safe and enjoyable. Rent Room in Amsterdam offers a wide variety of room rentals, from student residences to complete apartments. It offers the best service in every part of Amsterdam city.

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