An overview of successful logos

An overview of successful logos
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Logo designers desire to make some things quite clear. Designs, patterns, logos, the design team, and other factors supporting the creation of the brand identity are one-half of getting things done properly. The other half lies in the efforts to make the brand identity a reality.

Before logo designers venture into features that prove a logo to be quite successful, they want to make a few things clear.  Each team member of the logo design only gets certain parts of the job done without automatic means.

A logo extracts meaning from the quality of the products/services/brand image it symbolizes. Before designers make use of a design as either a logo watermark or a trademark, it can be either an abstract or an image. It is an empty box.

This is where logo designers make the most of it. They make the logo stand out by not only associating it with the brand, company, product, service, or entity but also by making it stand out from the rest through differentiation and other factors.

Are these associations important?

The associations people make with a brand through logos make brand identities stand out. These associations are a key part of brand identities helping logos stand out from the crowd. Logos should be able to fulfill these associations else they won’t be considered as logos. Logo designs should be successful to help make strong associations in the minds of both consumers and customers.

Some brands having powerful logos are as under:

  • Adidas.
  • Apple.
  • BMW.
  • Chevrolet.
  • Ford.
  • Mercedes Benz.
  • McDonald’s.
  • Nissan.
  • Samsung.
  • Shell.
  • Tata.
  • Toyota.

What to understand about the role of a logo?

Logos have a primary goal of identifying businesses, brands, companies, products, services, and other entities.

There are eight characteristics of successful logos, but before we discuss them, let us address the logo’s role first. Designers can forget to put in key features of a logo. After all, they are human. But if they consistently add key features in their logos then people will easily recognize brands in one glance at the logos.

Logo designers from a logo design company Dubai explain that no designer can ever forget the golden rules of logo design. They can always apply key features but forgetting to do so is a result of forgetting the marketing essentials. Logo design has a negligible set of rules.

A lot of logo designs have been in use for decades. Some of them are classical and some of them are contemporary and modern. Some brands and companies have followed trends to stay up-to-date, and relevant. Some however decided to maintain their classic looks and remain identifiable creating legacy logos. Coca-Cola and Pepsi are examples.

Characteristics of successful logos helping them remain timeless

Logo design professionals explain that the logo design cost is a factor to consider keeping in mind that logos that have been up to date have a lot to teach designers. Some logos resembled their old versions 50 years ago and are still looking good today. Meaning they are still effective and they are timeless.

Coca-Cola, Ford, and Rolex are timeless logos. Designs like them provide a lot of lessons to designers when it comes to displaying what works.

Each logo has a unique characteristic that has made it successful with time. Understanding these characteristics helps both designers and marketers make the needed decisions in the design stage.

It even provides the basis for whether to stay with legacy logos or evolve from them. General Motors and Nissan plus Volkswagen and Kia Motors have changed and evolved their logos. The problem is, they are no longer recognizable and a chunk of the audience wants the early 21st century versions back.

Characteristics of logos are used as guidelines and reasons to help logo designers train rookies and help mid-level ones understand logos from multiple perspectives and in a chronological manner too. This can help them provide clients with a graphical product that will be successful in the long term. The characteristics of a successful logos are as under:

  • Who can ever forget Simplicity?
  • The differentiating factor.
  • They should always be relevant.
  • Logos should always be memorable.
  • Logos must be flexible, scalable, and versatile.
  • Legibility works.
  • The quality of their execution counts too.
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