An Introduction to Mobile Ad Networking Platforms for Beginners in 2023

An Introduction to Mobile Ad Networking Platforms for Beginners in 2023
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09 December 2022


By 20227, it's anticipated that mobile advertising spending will increase from $5.3 billion to $25.6 billion. The rising number of people switching to smartphones and swiftly becoming accustomed to mobile apps and mobile surfing is a key factor in this assumption. 

Platform like 7searchppc has emerged as one of the best alternative to Google Adsense as the top companies prefer 7searchppc as their alternative to Google Adsense.

The ideal approach for advertisers to reach these users now that they are spending more time on their mobile devices is by using mobile ad networks. Mobile has given rise to a new crop of large firms, such as InMobi, Jumptap, Millennial Media, Tapjoy, and others. These players are similar to the web's advertising behemoths like Yahoo Network, Real Media, AdBrite, and Google Ad Network. Of course, we've also seen the major players enter the fray, such as Microsoft with the creation of Microsoft Mobile Advertising and Google with the acquisition of AdMob.

The two main reasons mobile advertising is emerging are:

Mobile ads are highly targetable — Smartphone users are the subject of a wealth of data, which may be used to pinpoint precisely the demographics you should target.

You can reach customers at the point of purchase Marketers have a fantastic opportunity to convert customers by interacting with them when they are actively making purchases.

However, it's crucial to keep in mind that mobile advertising is still rather young, and nobody really knows where it's going. Is it more effective, for instance, to encourage customers to download your mobile app or to direct them to your shopping cart on the mobile version of your website? Is a person still valuable to me if they click my ad because it's necessary for them to get a badge or advance in a game? Marketers around the world are still attempting to tackle challenges like these, and it’s vital to keep in mind that we are still in the very early stage of mobile advertising.

Finding the Right Mobile Ad Networks

What kind of traffic you're searching for should be the first consideration when determining whether to collaborate with any ad network, mobile or otherwise. Are you just starting to grow your brand and need more exposure? Perhaps you need more visitors to your website or more people to download your mobile app or make a purchase. Although each ad network now has distinct advantages and disadvantages, you may categorize the majority of them into a few groups.

Blind networks

These networks frequently have access to a significant amount of smaller publisher sites and applications. They don't actually provide you with information on each publisher you work with. Blind networks can be a great way to increase volume, depending on how qualified your new customers must be (e.g. 7searchppc, AdMob, InMobi, Adfonic, BuzzCity).

Premium blind networks

These networks concentrate on medium-sized publications and above, although they still conceal your business partners. These networks function incredibly effectively if it doesn't matter which websites are sending you traffic as long as they are premium websites. These networks frequently provide pay per install (CPI) and pay per click (CPC) alternatives (e.g., 7searchppc, Millennial Media, Jumptap).

Premium networks

just a few, extremely high-quality publications are partners with mobile ad networks. You will frequently need to pay like you would a display network (CPM) because these are frequently enormous destination sites or even mobile carriers (e.g., Microsoft, AOL, Nokia).

Incentivized networks

Incentivized ad networks persuade users to download a mobile application or carry out an action specified by the advertiser in exchange for some kind of virtual money. The traffic from these networks may be transparent or blind. Performance-based, this type of advertising typically uses a cost per install or cost per action (CPA) model (e.g. 7searchppc, OfferMobi, SponsorPay, Tapjoy).

There isn't really a definite victor among mobile ad networks right now. In reality, new networks are launching every month with astounding statistics, and there is no surefire method to judge a network's caliber without using it with your particular company model. In the meantime, it's crucial to choose the network design that seems most comfortable to you while we wait for a study that can provide more information.

After deciding on your overarching business goal for mobile, if you're still unsure of your precise needs, you can distribute your advertising budget around many significant ad networks while keeping an eye on the results. You must follow the same procedures when using new web-based advertising platforms like Facebook and Twitter, but I can nearly promise that with mobile ad networks, you'll gain more value overall.

Mobile Web or Mobile App

Many of our clients only consider mobile advertising for mobile apps, but mobile websites (websites created specifically for mobile devices) can also be promoted on mobile ad networks. The majority of mobile ad networks let you promote either mobile apps or mobile websites and let you create advertising campaigns in line with that.

Since the majority of conventional tracking techniques, such client-based cookies and server-to-server tracking, are compatible with smartphones, tracking advertising campaigns for mobile websites on mobile ad networks is quite straightforward.

However, because conventional tracking techniques don't function with mobile apps, tracking advertising campaigns for those apps on mobile ad networks can become very challenging very rapidly. When it comes to mobile apps, consumers exit their web browsers and enter app stores and marketplaces. Once they've downloaded and opened a mobile app on their device, they carry on using it without using a web browser. For some of our biggest clients, we have been resolving these tracking issues. You'll start to see a growing necessity to estimate the worth of mobile app advertising in the upcoming months.

Monitoring Your Mobile Advertising

You must keep track of both the performance of your adverts and the worth of the incoming traffic, just like with web advertising. It is not necessarily the ad network's responsibility that customers are not downloading your app, and vice versa. You really have no way to improve your efforts and make the most out of every dollar if you don't keep track of your successes and failures.

Although they are still in their very early phases, the majority of the better mobile ad networks provide some tools for tracking performance. Even Google Analytics can offer some information for Android apps and mobile web, and certain networks link with other analytics systems like DART and Omniture (if you're at the enterprise level).

Moving Mobile Forward

There is no need for hesitation because mobile advertising isn't all that different from conventional online advertising. You'll actually be an expert on mobile in no time if you're already familiar with the main web advertising channels and ad networks. You have the opportunity to join the fastest expanding and most progressive advertising sector, and I strongly advise you to seize it. Your advertising will be more effective and you'll establish closer bonds with ad networks as they expand the more you understand.

Consider mobile advertising as a limitless, thrilling new possibility. Observe as brand-new mobile ad networks, marketing techniques, and analytics tools proliferate all around you.

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