All You Need to Know About Tape-In Hair Extensions

All You Need to Know About Tape-In Hair Extensions
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Hair adds up to 50 percent of our personality. It is challenging to maintain silkily long hair, and we end up chopping them off, only to regret it later. But every problem has a solution, so we need not regret it. You can add volume to your hair with the help of tape-in hair extensions, which are easy to fix and remove. 

The best part about tape in hair extensions is that it does not even damage the quality of the hair. Another advantage is that it is not uncomfortable to wear, unlike wigs and clip-ins.

As this type of hair extension is stuck with the help of tapes instead of clips, it is easy to apply it on natural hair. Tape-in hair extensions have various color options, so you will not have to compromise on your preferred color.

To attach the tape to extensions successfully, heat it, so the glue melts and sticks. Getting it done by a professional is best to make the entire process hassle-free. The process will take about an hour, and you can easily remove it yourself when you want to remove it.

Let Us Help You Maintain the Quality of Your Posh Hair Extensions

Maintaining the quality of hair extensions is easy, and you do not have to go in for hair spas or regular oiling. We have prepared this guide to help you define the right tips to care for your hair extensions without leaving the comfort of your home.

Wash your tape in extensions correctly

Avoid using hot water; instead, use lukewarm water or regular water. Be gentle while massaging the area near the bond. 

Here are some concrete tips to help you out:

  • Use lukewarm water to wash your hair in the shower, letting the water flow from the roots to the ends.
  • Start at your hair's core, apply two or three shampoo pumps, and work slowly to the tips.
  • Apply your conditioner at the strands and rub it towards the tips.
  • Before rinsing everything out, add a couple of additional conditioner pumps to the tips of your hair.

If you flip your hair for a quick dry, you must omit this from your routine. Flipping your hair leads to more tangles, and it will be challenging to maintain it with hair extensions.

Do Not Sleep with Wet Hair

You may have noticed that you wake up with bad tangles the next day when you wash your hair at night. It is so because damp hair quickly gets frizzy when we sleep with wet hair. You may have noticed that after a walk in the rain. So, when you sleep with wet extensions, you may get in huge trouble. There are chances that your hair gets freezy, your roots may get matted, and your extensions may even come out. Even if your hair extensions do not come out at night, the tangled extensions are more prone to come out the following day as you will require more force to detangle them. So, prefer drying your hair before bed by all means.

Regular Brushing 

It is essential to brush your hair daily, with or without extensions. Many people only brush their hair in the morning, but brushing it during the day is crucial, preventing tangles or matted hair. Use a bristle paddle or silicone brush to brush your hair gently.

Use Silk When Sleeping pillow covers while sleeping.

Prefer sleeping on a silk pillowcase. It will help keep the moisture of hair care products, luminosity, and natural oils from your scalp intact. Silk will also prevent any friction, breakage, or tangles.

Avoid using heat

Do not use heating tools like straighteners or curlers on your extensions. Harsh products or heating tools can damage your hair, and it can lead to chipping or breakage of the hair. If someday you have to use it for some urgent event, use heat protection spray to help you with it.

 Types of Hair Extensions

Apart from tape in hair extensions, there are other hair extensions.

Check out these types of extensions so that you can easily choose the right option for yourself:

  • Clip-In Hair Extensions

Clip-on hair extensions have a base material made of contoured base material. It is the extensions, like a standard clip, along your roots. You can easily remove these extensions whenever you want, and you can also fix them in your hair yourself.

  • Sew-In Hair Extensions

It is a type of hair extension woven into your natural hair. The expert will braid your hair into cornrows and then weave the extensions using a needle and a thread. It is best suitable for people who have thick hair.

  • I-Tip Hair Extensions

I-Tip hair extensions are made by sticking several hair strands together. This type of hair extension is glued to natural hair with the help of flattened microbeads. It is easy to fix these beads, but if you tighten them up a lot, your hair may be damaged. 

  • For a natural look,

People fear using hair extensions, thinking of what material they will be made of. There are various questions that people are concerned about: will the material used to make hair extensions harmful to the scalp, or will it look artificial? To provide solutions to all these concerns, people prefer these types of products:

  • Pure Virgin Remy Tape-In Human Hair Extensions:

Pure Virgin Remy Tape-In, Human Hair Extensions are a type of tape-in extension made from pure virgin Remy hair. Remy's hair is considered the highest quality because the cuticles are intact and aligned, making the hair look and feel more natural.

People with light hair color find it challenging to find extensions with lighter colors. To provide a solution to this problem, light brown remy tape-in extensions have come into the picture. This extension is popular among people with lighter hair colors. These extensions are made from 100% Remy human hair and are designed to blend seamlessly with your natural hair.

All in all

Getting tape-in extensions to add volume and length to your hair is a beautiful idea, and it does not damage your natural hair. Getting the products from an authentic place like Posh hair company or any other company that guarantees quality products and has solutions for all your hair concerns is recommended.

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