Accelerating Digital Marketing and SEO Strategies With Datacenter Proxies

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Datacenter proxies have very fast internet connections that allow for a variety of use cases. For example, sneaker bots (software that allows users to buy multiple shoe pairs during a single release) often use these IPs.

They can also be used to workaround IP bans and provide fast web scraping, ad verification and SEO monitoring connections. They generally have lower price points than residential proxies and come in an array of locations.

1. Accelerate Traffic

Datacenter Proxies are a perfect solution for anyone looking to bypass geo-restrictions and perform various tasks like web scraping without exposing their actual IP address. These proxies are fast, reliable, and cost-effective and offer great value for your money.

These proxies are ideal for large-scale scraping as they provide higher bandwidth capabilities and come at over 10X less cost than residential and mobile proxies. They also have much lower latencies and are more effective in terms of speed when compared to other proxy types.

This type of proxy is a shared one and is used by multiple users at the same time. As a result, it is more detectable by websites and can get blocked easily if not managed properly. It is important to choose a trusted provider that offers dedicated datacenter proxies to avoid any problems with detecting. However, even dedicated proxies have a history of being used and therefore may get flagged by some websites.

2. Boost Rankings

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a crucial part of any digital marketing strategy, and proxies play a key role in boosting website visibility and attracting organic traffic. Datacenter proxies are especially useful for SEO monitoring because they offer high speeds and reliability and can bypass IP bans.

Market research: Many companies use datacenter proxies to operate market research tools such as web scrapers. These programs visit websites to extract data and perform a variety of tasks including comparing prices, identifying emerging news stories, and monitoring developments on rival sites.

Bypassing geo-restrictions: Datacenter proxies can be used to bypass restrictions on ticketing and sneaker sites, which often limit the number of pairs that a single user can buy. This is often achieved using sneaker bots, which are programs that synchronize the purchase of multiple pairs at once to appear as multiple individual shoppers instantaneously.

Ad verification: Smartproxy’s residential proxies are ideal for verifying affiliate links and click fraud by providing city, ASN, mobile carrier and data center targeting. This method is highly effective at detecting suspicious activities that could negatively impact a company’s online reputation.

3. Increase Conversions

Unlike residential or mobile proxies, data center proxies are artificial and don’t depend on an actual Internet connection. This makes them much easier for websites to detect and block – however, it also allows for much faster connections and less lag time.

As a result, they’re ideal for things like web scraping and ad verification as well as market research connections. They’re also great for bypassing geo-restrictions and getting around IP bans as they can hide the original location and originating device of your browser.

The downside of these proxies is that they are harder to work with for captcha-solving and other activities that require a high level of detail. As such, they’re best used for specific tasks and can be pricier than residential or mobile proxies. However, a good provider will offer plans that don’t limit threads or traffic and can even be used for multiple users at once. This can save you a lot of money in the long run.

4. Increase Revenue

Datacenter proxies are an intermediary between a requester and a web server, adding a layer of privacy protection to the user’s browsing experience. The proxy hides the user’s real IP address, allowing them to circumvent website restrictions and bypass rate constraints.

They’re also useful for testing website performance from multiple locations worldwide. Proxies can even be used for web scraping if you know what you’re doing (although major websites have systems in place to prevent this).

Rayobyte offers premium dedicated and shared datacenter proxies that are highly-efficient, affordable, and come with unlimited bandwidth and no traffic limits. These are perfect if you’re looking to avoid IP blacklisting by websites and need to use high-speed proxies for your business needs. They can be bought by the hour or on a subscription. Dedicated proxies are hosted on premium hardware and provide better performance, consistency, and control. They can handle captcha-solving and allow for precise carrier, ASN, country, and city targeting as well.

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