7 Ways To Find Commercial Property For Sale

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Are you searching for commercial properties? There are 7 best ways to locate Commercial Property For Sale Calgary

Here are seven strategies for finding commercial investments:

  • Commercial Brokers: 

Commercial brokers may be your best bet when searching for commercial property as they'll likely employ one or more of the methods outlined below. Calgary tenant agents receive commissions on deals they source and close, giving them ample incentive to keep an ear out for available opportunities.

7 Ways To Find Commercial Property For Sale


Office space for lease in Calgary can often remain obscure since there is no central database that keeps track of and lists all available opportunities, like you would with residential real estate.Therefore, these brokers strive to keep a comprehensive record of any current or upcoming availability so they can connect buyers with sellers more efficiently.

When purchasing property, their commissions are charged back to the seller; thus obviating any financial responsibility on your part.

  • Networking:

Without a database to rely on, the only way to find deals for shared office space in Calgary will be networking. Assemble an understanding of other real estate owners in your neighborhood or in areas in which you want to acquire property by attending industry events or local meetings.

  • Social Media:

Social media acts like an electronic bulletin board. Use this platform to your advantage! Not only can you post what you're searching for on your Facebook page, but sharing the info can also alert similar groups that could provide potential sellers or connect you with owners willing to sell.

There are various online groups - from Facebook to Bigger Pockets, where you can broadcast your search. Social media is my go-to solution for reaching decision makers within businesses that own their own location, since typically either ownership or management oversee their social accounts.

  • Cold Calling:

How To Find Commercial Real Estate Deals "Cold calling is dead!" In some instances it certainly is; but when trying to reach property owners directly it may provide the fastest route into contact. Find telephone numbers of property owners by consulting the White Pages, visiting their websites or social networking with them.

LinkedIn can be particularly helpful here and serve as a commercial tenant representation, since contacts will typically provide their phone number on their profile page once you've connected. Call them up and inquire as to their interest in selling their property. Even though they might not seem ready at that moment, keep their number just in case circumstances change quickly.

Don't forget to follow-up!

  • Mailers:

Snail mail is undoubtedly the secret weapon in this group of mailers. Most investors (and people in general) simply do not consider this strategy when investing. Locating the true owner in commercial real estate can often prove challenging. These ownership entities may be hidden by LLCs or attorneys acting for real estate clients.

Tax records contain mailing addresses for every owner of every property. Therefore if you send a certified letter you know your message will reach its intended recipient. Email has greatly diminished physical mail's popularity. Therefore, sending letters or postcards may be one of the few pieces they receive regularly and receive information about property such as.office space measurement using office space calculator, etc.

Pro Tips For Finding Real Estate Deals!

  • Be clear on your requirements before looking for real estate deals. 
  • Establish your budget. 
  • Consider where to locate your property. 
  • Do your research. 
  • Be patient
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