7 Types Of Shipping Methods You Should Know About

7 Types Of Shipping Methods You Should Know About
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Did you know that one of the main causes of cart abandonment, dear retailer, is shipping?

As you may have observed, the secret to a great online buying experience is to give your customers options and practical answers.

Of course, this also applies to shipping, since customers want to see their preferred delivery options at the checkout and won't hesitate to shop at rival stores if they can't.

To provide your customers the attention for shipping method they want, you should be aware of the shipping solutions to offer and collaborate with the top Carriers.

The Bayard Institute reports that the following are some of the primary causes of Cart & Checkout abandonments (2022 data):

  • Delivery took too long (22%).
  • 16% I was unable to view or estimate the complete order cost up front.

This information implies that your website should always be open and honest about how shipping costs are determined.

We'll look at the top 7 shipping method in this article so you can stop losing consumers to cart abandonment and start keeping them!

A transportation technique with shipping to amazon FBA rapid express freight

You might be wondering, before we go any further, what exactly a delivery method with shipping to amazon FBA rapid express freight.

Customers are presented with shipping method throughout the checkout process, with prices and services typically based on the Carriers that e-commerce site collaborates with.

These fees are determined by how quickly and how the consumer receives their product.

7 shipping options to choose from in 2023

Now let's look at the various shipping options you can use in your shop to provide your customers the experience they want!

Fixed price

Generally, the size, weight, and shape of a box affect how much it costs to send.

All of these variables are no longer taken into account when calculating a flat shipping fee for including shipping method.

If you are shipping bulky for shipping method or several things in one shipment, this option is practical.

However, if you frequently send light boxes, you may be losing money because carriers typically base flat pricing on bigger packages.

Rate Table

The price varies depending on the destination, carrier's availability, size, and commodities being transported, however with table rate shipping method, you establish particular rates for specific cases.

When dealing with consumers in various shipping method, this option is ideal because you can customize rates properly.

Customers in zone 1, for instance, may qualify for free shipping method, especially if your warehouse is nearby.


Freight is a shipment that weighs more than 150 pounds or measures more than 30x30x30 inches.

In fact, transporting huge amounts of items typically calls for this kind of delivery service.

Different kinds of freight shipping method include:

  • Air cargo,
  • Ocean shipping,
  • Landed cargo
  • A mix of each of the aforementioned.

When there is a great demand for a certain product and your e-commerce is expanding, freight is a smart option.

Next-day shipping (or overnight)

When you promise your consumers that they will receive their orders the following business day, you are using overnight or next day delivery.

The delivery day will obviously depend on when the order is placed and whether there are any weekends or holidays in between.

Customers appreciate receiving their goods as soon as possible, and the majority of them genuinely demand fast delivery, perceiving it as an important shipping method.


You use the international shipping method when you ship from a different origin than the country of destination.

Of course, using this shipping option involves a lot more paperwork, including documents that explain the contents of the delivery and customs declarations, as well as any necessary taxes.

Local pickup or delivery

You might not have to worry about shipping method or dealing with carriers at all if you run a small business that only sells to people in your area.

To allow your clients to pick up their orders locally, you may set up a variety of pickup alternatives with this shipping method.

Several addresses

Many-address shipping is the practice of sending multiple items from a single order to various addresses.

Additionally, buyers can select this delivery option if they want to combine several ways of order fulfilment (in-store pickup + standard shipping, etc.).


You should provide a variety of delivery options on your website if you want to keep your clients satisfied for shipping method.

They will be more likely to purchase from you and be happier with their overall shopping experience with shipping method as a result of this.


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