7 Handmade Product Ideas You Can Start As A Business This 2023

7 Handmade Product Ideas You Can Start As A Business This 2023
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09 January 2023

With the uncertainty that the past years have taught us and the shocking increase in inflation prices, we’re seeing how critical it is to look for more sources of income. People say that starting a business is the best job in the world. Some also say that business is not for everyone. And that is undoubtedly true. 

When you manage a business, you’ll need skills to help you grow and make it successful. Business management starts to get challenging when you operate one you don’t like. The good news is you can open a business out of the things and skills you have. Or even a shop that offers handmade products and services.

If you’re looking into starting a D-I-Y business that could add to your income streams this 2023, here are seven handmade products that you might like.

1 - Carpets

7 Handmade Product Ideas You Can Start As A Business This 2023

If you search for carpets or mats on online shopping websites, you’ll see many small businesses offering various designs and styles. However, making a handmade carpet or rug is not a walk in the park. It’s a rigorous process that could take up your time. But if you have a talent for sewing or crocheting, this could be the perfect business for you.

You’ll need multi-use netting, cotton piping, small rubber bands, and scissors. You might need different colours of cotton piping, depending on the designs you’re planning to make. Since making a carpet is tedious, you can create all the designs you plan to sell first. Then, you can schedule when you’ll ship out your items for every order that could work for you.

Another advantage of selling handmade carpets is that their value is higher. After all, people will be paying for your labour and time. 

2 - Coasters

7 Handmade Product Ideas You Can Start As A Business This 2023

Today, various types of drink coasters are available in the market. There are wooden, leather, marble, and crocheted coasters. You are free to choose what type of coaster to make, or if you want, you can offer all of them, too. 

If you offer a leather coaster, you’ll need to look for a supplier that offers cheap leather bulks in different colours. You’ll also need a leather press stamp or machine for your designs. Among the coaster types, a leather coaster is the easiest to make–if you’re only planning to offer name personalisations. 

For wooden coasters, you can hand draw your designs. You’ll only need to look for wooden coaster suppliers. This item can be tedious if you receive bulk and immediate orders. But if you’re into crocheting, maybe offering crocheted coasters is the best option. 

3 - Magnetic bookmarks

7 Handmade Product Ideas You Can Start As A Business This 2023

If you’re into arts and crafts, you can offer magnetic bookmarks. Bookmarks are aesthetic items to sell if you’re planning to start an arts and crafts business. Also, if your target market is students and book lovers, this item will surely be in demand.

You can either design your bookmarks digitally or by hand. If you’re into digital art, you can create your bookmark designs on your software apps for less time consumption. But if you prefer designing them by hand, you’re free to do so. 

If you want to offer standard handwritten designs, you can draw them all first and then scan them so you can just reprint them once you have order requests. You’ll also need magnet sheets where you’ll paste your bookmark prints. 

4 - Scented candles

7 Handmade Product Ideas You Can Start As A Business This 2023

The last few years have been the peak of this generation’s self-care. And over the years, many products that add value to self-care activities have boomed in the market. One of which is scented candles. 

If you haven’t tried making one, you can start by ordering a D-I-Y candle-making kit at home. If you enjoy and find the process easy, you can start buying the materials of your choice for your candles. The great thing about making your scented candles is that you can experiment and explore the perfect scent combinations that other shops are not offering.

It’s best to look for affordable aesthetic yet simple candle holders where you’ll put your candles. After all, aside from its scent, people are after a candle’s aesthetic look.

5 - Clothes or accessories for dogs and cats

7 Handmade Product Ideas You Can Start As A Business This 2023

If you’re a fur parent, you have likely experienced going through online shops that sell goodies for your fur baby. The good news is, if you love or have the talent for sewing, you can be the shop owner to help your co-fur parents style and doll up their babies. 

You can start with smaller items that are easy to make if you only have one or two people to help you in your business. You can begin with shoes, hats, bibs, fabric necklaces, and plain shirts. It’s best to research the items that fur parents usually purchase online for your reference.

You can start by checking pet stores online and reviewing the items most customers buy. From there, you can list the products you believe you can make quickly yet with quality over time. 

6 - Tote bags

7 Handmade Product Ideas You Can Start As A Business This 2023

If you’re into fashion, you can start a tote bag business. Today, most grocery stores no longer provide plastic bags. Even some retail shops now charge for every paper bag you need. If you have a talent for painting, you can create your canvas tote-bag designs and sell them.

You can hand paint or print your designs, similar to my suggestion for magnetic bookmarks. There are many audiences that you can target for this product. Aside from environment-conscious individuals and fashionistas, you can also market to events. 

Tote bags can be great souvenirs or gifts to people. It’s eco-friendly, reusable, and functional, so what’s there not to love?

7 - Pastries

7 Handmade Product Ideas You Can Start As A Business This 2023

The ultimate handmade product that has become a business for many is pastries. Many bakeshops and cafes worldwide have a humble beginning. And if your family and friends always tell you that you have a talent for baking, why don’t you give yourself a chance to make the most of your skill?

Whether it’s cookies, cakes, brownies, crinkles, or chocolate bars, you’ll find the right market if your creations are good. You don’t even have to have a physical store to start a pastry business today. You can make a profit out of this business by baking at home.

The only other things you need to worry about are your delivery partners and packaging supplier. 

No business is smooth sailing, but all of them are worth a shot.

Here’s your sign to finally start that business idea you’ve been thinking of for years now. If you’re looking into expanding your sources of income, it’s worth the shot to earn money with something you’re good at and love. Remember, no business is smooth sailing, but it’s definitely worth giving it a try.

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