6 Things To Check Before Calling A Carpet Cleaning Company

6 Things To Check Before Calling A Carpet Cleaning Company

Have you had a flood in your home recently? If so, you may be thinking about calling a carpet cleaning company to come and clean up the mess. But is carpet cleaning really necessary after a flood? Here are six things to check before calling a Carpet Cleaning Oakleigh East company.

What is carpet cleaning?

1. How often do you need to clean your carpets?

If you have children or pets, it is recommended that you clean your carpets every 3-6 months. If you only have a few pieces of furniture or if you don't smoke, you may only need to clean your carpets once a year.

2. What type of carpet cleaner should you use?

There are two types of carpet cleaners: professional carpet cleaning chemicals and enzymatic cleaners. Professional carpet cleaning chemicals are more effective at removing dirt and stains, but they can also damage the fabric of your carpet. Enzymatic cleaners are less expensive and generally safe for most carpets, but they won't be as effective at removing dirt and stains.

What are the benefits of having a professional clean your carpets?

Professional carpet cleaning is a great way to get your carpets looking and smelling fresh. Here are some of the benefits:

Your carpets will look cleaner - A professional carpet cleaning will get rid of all the dirt, dust, and debris that has built up over time. This will make your carpets look brighter and cleaner than they ever have before.

Your carpets will smell fresher - A professional carpet cleaning will also use special chemicals to clean your carpets. This will help them smell much better than they did before.

Your carpets will be less likely to stain - Professional carpet cleaning is effective at removing stains from fabric. This means that your carpets are less likely to get stained in the future.

What should I do before calling a carpet cleaning company?

1. Make a list of the items you need cleaned. This includes floors, furniture, and drapes.

2. Estimate the time needed to clean your items. Carpet cleaning companies usually charge by the hour.

3. Determine if you have any pets that might shed hair on the floor. Some carpet cleaning companies specifically cater to pet-owners who want their carpets cleaned after their pets have had a potty accident. If so, mention this in your initial phone call to the company so they can adjust their services accordingly.

2) It is important to take into consideration that different types of carpets require different types of care and attention when it comes time for them to be cleaned; this includes not only deep pile rugs but also shag or low-pile carpets as well as area rugs that may get stepped on or rolled around often such as in a hallway or entryway. In order for your rug(s) to be properly cleaned and returned to its former glory, it is important that you provide specific instructions to the rug cleaner who will be coming into your home - these instructions should include information such as what type of detergent(s) should be used, how long the rug should be left wet after being shampooed (or sudsy water rinse), whether or not machine drying is required, and which areas of the rug should NOT BE DRIED! Failure to provide this type of detailed instruction

How much will it cost to have my carpets cleaned?

Many homeowners think that their carpets can wait until a later time to be cleaned. However, this could lead to months of dirt and dust accumulation, which can cause allergies and other problems. It is important to clean carpets on a regular basis to avoid these issues. Cleaning companies typically charge by the square foot, so it is important to know what the cost will be before calling them. A basic cleaning will run around $60 per room. More intensive cleaning, such as pet odors or stains, may cost more.

What should I expect during the cleaning process?

When you have a carpet cleaning company come to your home, there are a few things you should check before they arrive. 

First, make sure that the carpet is clean and free of debris. Next, be sure to check for any spots or stains that need to be cleaned specifically. Finally, be sure to verify that the company has the appropriate equipment and experience necessary for the job.


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