5 Spots You Should Not Miss Out While In Your Pressure Washing Sessions

Are you finally tackling all those outdoor cleaning projects yourself with a rented pressure washer for Patio Cleaning Surrey? This powerful equipment can scrub some surfaces clean, but takes skill handling the spray wand not to damage delicate areas around your property. Keep reading to learn 5 easy-to-miss spots that deserve extra care and attention while pressure washing.

  • Outdoor Furniture Fabric and Cushions

It’s tempting to simply blast away at grimy patio furniture with a pressure washer! However, most metal or wooden chairs, tables and outdoor sofas also have fabric seat cushions, pillows and delicate décor you don’t want to shred, tear or push the filling out of from the strong water pressure.

When doing best patio cleaning in Surrey, avoid spraying directly at the soft parts of your outdoor furniture, keeping the intense stream to the hard surfaces instead. You can then follow up by gently scrubbing fabric areas by hand with laundry detergent and a soft brush before rinsing.

  • Wooden Fences, Siding and Deck Boards

Does your backyard wooden fence look almost black from mould, mildew and weather damage? Want that fresh new wood look again? While using a pressure washer to remove greyed exterior stains works great, you have to be very careful adjusting pressure and spray width.

Getting too close or using a narrow high-powered stream can tear up soft aging wood by sinking water behind the splintering surface faster than boards can handle. When you hire pressure washing London outdoor structures and decks, keep a wider fan spray nozzle further back to let soap suds soak instead and test small hidden areas first.

  • Vinyl Areas Prone to Damage

Home improvement experts will warn against using too strong pressure washers on vinyl siding, faux wood patio covers, shutter panels and the like which can sink water behind to bubble or peel surfaces. Yet lower-powered electric pressure washers with wide-spread tips can still target vinyl safely when you avoid aiming directly at edges and seams.

Just be sure to confirm if your home exterior surfaces can withstand any pressure stream at all before cleaning siding to prevent permanent marred marking and moisture issues.

  • Glass Windows and Doors

What could be more satisfying than effortlessly blasting months of caked-on dirt and dust off those outdoor glass doors and messy windows? But even mildly powerful pressure could crack window panes or dislodge putty seals around the edges. Adjust nozzles to low pressure, test hidden window corners and keep spraying moving across glass.

  • Electrical Areas and Light Fixtures

Finally, never intentionally direct the powerful spray jet from your rented pressure washer at any electrical wiring or light fixtures around the exterior of homes. Water finding its way behind fixtures causes unsafe electrical issues. Instead, mask lighting off with plastic bags and carefully hand scrub once protected.


Pressure washers allow fast exterior cleaning when used properly at appropriate distances and settings. But understanding spray limitations matters greatly on more delicate home materials like fabrics, softwoods, glass and vinyl which require cautious low-pressure testing and hand scrubbing combinations for pristine cleaning without permanent damage. Consider if hiring a professional pressure washing London company for patio cleaning in Surrey.

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