5 Reasons Why PC Gaming is Better than Mobile Gaming

5 Reasons Why PC Gaming is Better than Mobile Gaming
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Mobile gaming has contributed a lot to popularizing video games, and there’s no doubt about it. But it is PC gaming that has made video games a sport. A PC with Zotac RTX 3060 graphic card can provide a better experience than any expensive mobile phone. 

In this blog, we will look at 5 reasons why PC gaming is better than mobile gaming. 

Reasons Why PC Gaming is Better 

If you have a gaming PC which has Zotac 3060 TI graphic card in it, you won’t ask for any other reason. There are plenty of reasons to love PC gaming, but here are just a few reasons why it’s better than mobile gaming: 

  • Your device does not limit you. With PC gaming, you can choose any kind of gaming rig you want, from a simple laptop to a high-end gaming PC. And if you want to upgrade your setup, you can do that too. With mobile gaming, you’re stuck with whatever device you have.
  • You have more control. With a mouse and keyboard, you have a lot more control over your games than you do with a touch screen. That means you can play more precise and complex games on your PC.
  • You’re not always interrupted. With mobile gaming, you can get interrupted by phone calls, texts, and other notifications. With PC gaming, you can set your phone to do not disturb mode and really focus on your game.
  • The games are usually better. Because PC gaming has been around longer, there are more and better games available for it. And since PCs are more powerful than mobile devices, the games can be more complex and immersive.
  • You can connect with friends more easily. PC gaming has long had built-in support for voice chat and other ways to connect with friends. And with Steam, it’s easy to find and play with your friends online. With mobile gaming, you’re typically limited to playing with people you know in real life.


PC gaming is better because it is more versatile than mobile gaming. No doubt, mobile gaming is interesting too. At Modx Computers, we provide Zotac 3060 TI graphic cards at the best price possible.

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