4 Reasons to Get a Handover Inspection in Brisbane

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Purchasing a house is one of the most endearing events. But the point is that it is necessary to check that everything is in perfect condition before you move in. It is at this time that the Handover Inspection Brisbane becomes very crucial. A handover inspection or practical completion inspection is an assessment that has been conducted by an inspector for the purpose of checking on any flaws that might exist in a building and which the builder might be required to fix before you or your client can take occupation of the home. The following 4 reasons are provided to you as explanation of why you should make a handover inspection in Brisbane. These inspections ensure that your home is safe and secure and that your property is safeguarded. The following is a discussion on why this is an important step you should embrace.


1. Identify Hidden Defects


Another main purpose of a Handover Inspection in Brisbane is to uncover concealed defects. Homes that have recently been constructed may also experience problems that are not noticeable at first. A professional home inspector can examine a property in detail and check plumbing, electrical work, and structural features.

These are useful to check whether everything is in place and all the systems are working as per requirement. To regularly upkeep a home it is best to be proactive and fix the little issues as they arise before they become major and costly problems. It also makes sure that the builder would deal with these problems before you move in.



4 Reasons to Get a Handover Inspection in Brisbane



2. Ensure Quality Workmanship


New Build Handover Inspection Brisbane is designed to ensure that workmanship meets the required level. The construction process often times leaves out some minor details or cuts corners. It is crucial to hire an independent inspection that can certify that your home is quality.


The inspector will check that all are as they should be and that installations are completed properly. This comprises of checking tiles, paint work, fixtures and fittings. It is always important to consider quality workmanship as it increases the quality of your property and improves the way you live.


3. Protect Your Investment


For most people, their home is considered a major purchase. A handover inspection Brisbane maintains this investment by saving the person or business from various problems that might arise as a result of neglecting to perform such an inspection. It is possible that if there are any defects or issues that you may be able to discuss these with the builder before any purchase of the property is made.


This process allows customers to confirm that they get what they paid for and that the builders complete their work. It also offers protection in the form of proof of the state of the property upon delivery.



4 Reasons to Get a Handover Inspection in Brisbane



4. Peace of Mind


Finally, a handover inspection Brisbane guarantees you’re not being scammed. The purchase of a new home is always a stressful event, so the buyer should not be exposed to the risk of hidden defects. 


You need to trust that the house is safe, secure, functional, and durable. This is a great source of confidence and ensures that the handover process is a more positive experience.




A handover inspection Brisbane is a critical stage of the home buying process. It can detect imperfections you did not know existed, guarantees work quality, maintains the value of your home, and relieves you of unnecessary stress. If you are buying a new home in Brisbane, consider scheduling a handover inspection with https://goinspect.com.au/ is an excellent and highly useful program for inspecting. These inspectors are experts in the field and they will check for defects that may render the new house unfit for habitation or not ready for occupation.

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