12 Best SEO Tricks To Increase Organic Traffic

12 Best SEO Tricks To Increase Organic Traffic
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30 November 2022

Once you have gotten an idea about what SEO is then, you will be looking for some additional techniques to take your site’s SEO to the next level. When you have first launched any website, then there are some basics that you need to incorporate. 

Those things are like keyword research by using keyword tools, carefully optimized titles and meta descriptions, optimizing the whole context, and so on.

Sometimes you are not ready to deeply utilize advanced SEO techniques, but if you want to drive significant growth in organic traffic, then you need to follow some tactics. In this article, we are going to discuss some SEO tricks to increase organic traffic

12 Best SEO Tricks To Increase Organic Traffic In 2022

Below we have mentioned the best 12 SEO tricks to increase organic visibility in 2022.

1) Find The  Best Performing Pages

Before you plan to launch any site, you have to find your competitor’s best-performing site. In this case, you have to scrutinize the competitor’s page and get ideas about SEO strategies. 

In this case, you have to take some time and get to know what strategies are working for the website that you compete on the search engine SERP. Once you are able to understand the approach, you will automatically inform your own made approach. 

Apart from that, one effective strategy is to find the competitor’s best-performing page. In this way, you will get some ideas of what SEO strategies they have used. You can develop your SEO techniques and drive more organic traffic easily. 

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2) Earn Authority Backlinks

One of the biggest challenges is how to earn backlinks. If you want to get more authoritative backlinks, then you have to create quality and informative Content. The more your Content has quality along with being unique, the more you will have the potential to get backlinks from highly authoritative sites. This technique is one of the most useful Off-page seo techniques

3) Optimize For ‘People Also Ask.’

You have to utilize the advanced SEO techniques of SERP. That day had gone when only ten blue links were the only way to optimize SEO. But now, in this technologically advanced world, you will get various SEO techniques in SERP. For example, you can optimize “People also ask” so that your topic will at least be on the first page of SERP in search engines. 

4) Use Optimized Supporting Content 

While you are planning to launch your business website, then you have to think about supporting Content. In this case, supporting Content means you have to attach the services and other benefits that an audience can utilize. Therefore your business’s webpage will automatically rank if your supporting Content is optimized properly. 

5) Use Internal Links To Rank On Page 1

If your website gets ranked 2nd page on SERP, then you can utilize internal links. In this case, internal linking is one of the most important SEO techniques. It has often been seen that utilizing internal linking tactics help your website rank on the first page of SERP. 

6) Optimize For Core Vital Factors Of The Website

Another useful tactic is you need to optimize the vital factors of the core web. If your website’s quality is poor, non-mobile friendliness, without HHTPs, and so on, then it will be difficult to rank your website.

In this case, you have to increase the quality of your website’s interface, loading speed, and so on. After that, there will be a high chance of ranking on the first page of SERP.

7) Optimize For Image Search

If you are not optimizing the website’s image, then it will be difficult to rank on the first page on SERP. At the same time, many of you have the idea that an optimized image means just incorporating the image with alt tags. 

In this case, there are some techniques to optimize the image properly, such as alt tags, unique file names, resizing the image by cropping and using various editing tools, reducing the image size, building an image sitemap, and so on. 

8) Clean Up Toxic Links

There will be many toxic links that you need to clean up from your website. In this case, toxic links sometimes decrease the quality of your website and prevent your website from ranking. Therefore cleaning up unwanted links is one of the most crucial SEO techniques.

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9) Duplicate Content

You need to create such contents that are unique and exceptional. In this case, you have to remove plagiarism from your Content 100%. 

10) Use Keywords In Headers

While you are creating context, then strive to incorporate keywords in headers. In this case, the visibility of your context will be increased. It is the most useful e-commerce seo guide. 

11) Exact Match Anchor Text

You have to use anchor text in your context, which is perfectly matched and relevant to your context.

12) Avoid Misinformation

The more you can incorporate useful information, the more it will be beneficial for audiences. In this case, audiences will automatically search for your Content. 


We have mentioned above the best SEO strategies to increase the virtual visibility of your website. In this case, if you follow those above-mentioned techniques, then you automatically increase organic traffic to your website. The more you can research upgraded SEO techniques; the more feasible your website will be. 

We hope you like this article. For further doubts please drop a comment in the comment section below. 

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