10 Roguelikes to Play on the Xbox

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Roguelikes have grown so much in the gaming industry over the years and we’ve seen some rather fun and interesting ones take centre stage. It is no longer an indie genre and is widely played by gamers everywhere.

With that said, let’s look at some exciting and fun roguelikes to play on the Xbox below! Oh, and since you can find all these games on Xbox, be sure to grab an Xbox Live Gift Card from OffGamers here today!


1. Inkulinati

10 Roguelikes to Play on the Xbox

An indie project recently released in January 2023, Inkulinati is a turn-based strategy game with roguelike elements set in a medieval manuscript. The visuals are unique and interesting, as you get hand-drawn characters and paintings reminiscent of medieval times.

In this game, you’re a painter that is given limited ink in order to craft a party and go on battles. To survive, you will need to think ahead and form strategies in order to inflict damage and win. Another interesting aspect is that the game changes frequently, so you won’t get two of the same play.


2. Ring of Pain

10 Roguelikes to Play on the XboxA card-based roguelike, Ring of Pain has a rather unique gameplay that is rarely seen in games. Your objective is to make it to the next ring by going around a ring of cards and clicking them.

Of course, it is not as simple as that. Along the way, there are enemies out to get you, and you never know what you’re gonna get from the cards. Some of the cards will reward you and some of them will damage you. You need to plan your route to ensure you don’t get smite out by your enemies and ensure that you come out alive. 


3. Darkest Dungeon

10 Roguelikes to Play on the Xbox

You might have heard of this one before. Darkest Dungeon has made its name as a tough roguelike turn-based RPG, and it's all about descending into a mysterious dungeon beneath a mansion. The permadeath aspect is what makes your journey and adventure more harrowing.

Additionally, your characters level up like typical RPG characters, which is to say, slow. There’s also no way to predict what comes next as everything is procedurally generated. In terms of difficulty, this is one painful indie to beat. All this is just the tip of the iceberg. You’ll have to deal with diseases, psychological issues, gothic creatures and more.

4. Dead Cells

10 Roguelikes to Play on the Xbox

Dubbed one of the best roguelikes in recent years, Dead Cells is gruelling, yet it makes you come back for more each time. This game is part Metroidvania, which means its melee-based combat requires you to analyze the movements of your enemies in order for you to beat them.

Some have compared its difficulty to Dark Souls, calling it a game with soulslike difficulty, and they’re not wrong. With the permadeath and constant dying, you’ll find yourself replaying the game over and over again. At least there are permanent items you can buy so your reruns won't seem so dull and difficult.


5. Cursed to Golf

10 Roguelikes to Play on the Xbox

On the lighter side of things, we have Cursed to Golf. It may seem odd to combine golf and roguelike together, but with Cursed to Golf, it surprisingly works! In this 2D golfing adventure, you are challenged to make your way across the golf course by avoiding traps, pulling off impossible shots and more.

It is ridiculous and fun, but know that if you fail, you’ll have to start it all over again. The objective is to make it out of Golf Purgatory and become a Golfing Legend. To make things more exciting, there are some insane power-ups and over 70 holes for you to get through. 


6. Hades

10 Roguelikes to Play on the Xbox

Another famous roguelike game that brought more attention to the genre in recent years, we have Hades. Not only is it beautiful and colourful, its gameplay and storyline are riveting, ensuring that you continue playing even after you die repeatedly.

You’ll get to visit the complicated relationships between Zagreus and his father, as well as all the other beautifully fleshed-out characters in the game. Each playthrough is different as you’ll encounter different enemies and God-given powers along the way. The game takes inspiration from Greek mythology, and it does it well.


7. Roguebook

10 Roguelikes to Play on the Xbox

If card-based combat is your thing, you could try your hand at Roguebook. The game draws heavily from Slay the Spire, and it is rather obvious, but it is also tastefully done. There’s a lot to explore and some vibrant characters to make your time worthwhile.

Make sure to carefully plan your attack and devise strategies if you wish to survive in Roguebook’s meticulous world. You’ll acquire new skills and abilities as you progress, which makes the game rather engaging. 


8. Atomicrops

10 Roguelikes to Play on the Xbox

A game that combines farming with roguelike and shooting elements, Atomicrops is a game with a rather interesting concept. It is set in an apocalyptic future and you’re a farmer that wields a gun to protect your crops.

The goal is to plant seeds and harvest crops for money. While doing so, you would need to protect your plants from any invading enemies. Plus, you’ll have to venture out to find more seeds for your crops as well, which means more enemies. Atomicrops is not an easy game, but the challenge is what makes it fun. 


9. Loot River

10 Roguelikes to Play on the Xbox

This title is a mix of puzzles and a narrative-driven roguelike with deep lore for you to uncover as you venture farther and farther into the labyrinth ahead of you. In terms of puzzles, you’ll be sliding around blocks of ruin in order to reach more tortured souls or to move forward within the game itself.

Loot River has some challenging and complex combat for you to enjoy, as you will need to strategize in order to better move forward. Furthermore, as an immortal, you’ll be reborn every time you die, making it an endlessly replayable game.


10. Moonlighter

10 Roguelikes to Play on the Xbox

There are essentially two games in Moonlighter. For the first part, you’re a shopkeeper in a small village and for the second part, you’re running around in dungeons collecting stuff to sell. Some may say that this game is not exactly a roguelike, but it does fit the bill in some parts.

Whenever you head over to the dungeons, you’ll have to start from the beginning of the dungeon. Any progress you’ve made exploring it will be gone. Even so, there’s no permadeath and complete restart of the game if anything goes awry so that’s a plus point.

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