10 Minutes Of Yoga For Better Immunity, Digestion, And Heart (7 Asanas)

10 Minutes Of Yoga For Better Immunity, Digestion, And Heart (7 Asanas)
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13 December 2022

Most people think Yoga to be a mere posing and body stretching movement for ensuring proper body structure. However, Yoga is much more than that. It means quite different in other situations. In this article, we shall only stick to Yoga asanas

On the other hand, we mostly forget the immense benefits that Yoga can offer, as every asana is related to the unification of mind, body, and breadth. This ancient practice allows you to keep your life in harmony, which in turn, enables you to live a happy life full of calm, and you can stay fulfilled in yourself.

Why Is Yoga Important For Your Health?

If you are keen on having a healthy body and mind, Yoga is the best option for you. Yoga allows you to develop a strong, healthy, and flexible body and, at the same time, keep your mind steady. The following are the major benefits that Yoga offers to any person:

  • You can ensure all-round health and fitness
  • You will never gain a lot of weight, and Yoga helps to create a better digestive system.
  • It is a great way to get relief from the regular stress of life.
  • You will easily be able to regulate your life in peace and calmness.
  • With your all-around health, your immunity increases as a result of Yoga.
  • Your stamina and energy increase, which will enhance your daily productivity.
  • The blood flow in your body will get better, and you can be assured of a healthy heart.

Even many patients that encountered deterioration of the body due to medical negligence have been cured with guided practice of Yoga asanas. Hence, no matter how much unhealthy you are, you can always take up Yoga and change your life for the better. Yoga has been giving results to people since ancient times, and if you incorporate it into your life, you will get results too.

Yoga Asana Practices That Are Really Beneficial For Health

Here are some of the major Yoga asana practices that you can start with as a beginner that can ensure a healthy heart, as well as better immunity and digestion:

1. The Tadasana Or The Mountain Pose

This asana will help you to strengthen your heart by enhancing the flow of blood through the body. Apart from that, the asana is also meant to strengthen your vertebral column and your backbone. Moreover, the deep breathing technique will enable your lung to clear out toxins.

2. The Utkatasana Or The Human Chair

This asana helps a lot in increasing the stamina of the body as the rate of respiration of the heart increases. Apart from that, the pose also provides strength to your lungs and hips. All in all, your heart gets better if you continue this asana regularly.

3. The Vrikshasana Or The Tree Pose

This asana is also meant to correct the posture of the body and thereby create a happy and healthy heart. Apart from that, the asana helps in strengthening the upper portion of the body, as well as the balance of the legs, since you need to balance yourself in one leg.

4. The Uttanasana Or The Standing Bend Posture

Uttanasana is a great pose to ensure good health of the heart. On the other hand, it provides great flexibility to your legs, hips, and your ankles. Apart from that, it also creates pressure in the belly, which helps in removing waste from your stomach, thereby improving digestion.

5. The Padangusthasana Or Toe Touching

This is also a great asana to increase the flexibility of your body. Apart from that, it helps in increasing the immunity of your body. Furthermore, it helps in reducing the anxiety and stress in your mind, thereby contributing to a healthy heart. Additionally, it also helps in normalizing blood pressure as well.

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6. The Adhomukhosvanasana Or The Downward Facing Pose

The adhomukhosvanasana is a great option for ensuring good balance and stamina in the body. The asana helps in having a better heart and improving immunity. This yoga pose is a great option for people who have faced heart blocks ever in life. If you perform it daily, you will never suffer from heart block, provided you have a healthy eating lifestyle.

7. The Paschimottanasana Or The Seated Bend-Forward Pose

The Paschimottanasana is, again, a great yoga pose for the heart. Apart from improving the flexibility of your body, this yoga pose is also great for the improvement of your immunity. Apart from that, you also strengthen your hip and lower back by performing this asana.

Apart from these seven, here are some bonus asanas that also help you get better health:

#. The Setu Bandhasana Or The Human Arch

Apart from dealing with heart issues, this asana is great for the flexibility of the body. Furthermore, it also enhances the blood flow and stamina of the body. Since a lot of pressure falls on your lower back, it is not recommended for people with back pain. Consult your Yoga guide before performing this asana.

#. The Bhujangasana Or The Cobra Posture

By stretching the chest, the Bhujangasana is great for hip strength and increased stamina. It also results in better blood flow in the body, which in turn, contributes to a better heart.

#. The Savasana Or The Corpse Pose

One of the most relaxing Yoga asanas, the Corpse Pose is great for helping the body to relax. This improves the digestion of the body's manifold. Due to the better flow of blood through the nerves, the Savasana also contributes to a healthy and happy heart.

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Although Yoga is a really effective way to improve your body, mind, and health, still a bad posture can ruin your body and make it worse. Hence it is always recommended to practice under the guidance of an experienced Yoga teacher. The correct pose will help you get the result in a few days.

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