10 Best Entertainment Advertising Networks for Publishers

10 Best Entertainment Advertising Networks for Publishers
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Publishers sell their unsold inventory to entertainment ad networks, who then sell bundles of impressions to advertisers. The ability of ad networks to successfully sell unsold ad inventory is well known. Ad networks essentially gather unused inventory from different publishers, divide it into demographically-based segments, and then sell the split impressions to advertisers specifically looking for related appearances. Here are the 10 Best Entertainment Advertising Networks for Publishers.

1. 7Searchppc

7searchppc is quicker and more secure than other media ad platforms and ad networks. It gives publishers the means to monetize the traffic to their websites with the help of excellent pop-under advertisements.Publishers gain from the fact that it offers on-request payments and access to advertising from more than 40 nations. Because of this, publishers have a wide range of alternatives for choosing keywords and targeting to effectively monetize the traffic in their niche market. It is considered to be among the top ad networks for publishers and bloggers as a result.

2. Amazon Publisher Services 

Whether a publisher is small, medium-sized, or huge, Amazon Publisher Services offers solutions for all sizes. These Entertainment and media ad networks are among the best. Publishers can also access cloud-based solutions for header bidding, a transparent marketplace, shopping insights, and a unified ad marketplace. 

3. Adcash

Adcash DSP+ is an online advertising network that caters to advertisers and publishers, with more than 10,000 active campaigns globally.

Its top-performing ad forms for monetizing websites and mobile apps include pop-unders, native ads, push notifications, banners, and interstitials. They offer a range of tools and services to help publishers monetize their traffic more effectively.

4. Adsterra

The famous ad network Adsterra serves more than 30 billion ad impressions each month all around the world with Partner Care. It is famous for its skilled and experienced personnel, worldwide direct traffic, three tiers of anti-fraud protection, a range of advertising alternatives, and three levels of anti-fraud protection.

5. SmartyAds

For publishers looking for intelligent revenue optimization, the SmartyAds SSP media-selling best-ad network for entertainment websites was created.

Their high-volume private marketplace transactions, whether desktop, mobile, or in-app header-bidding wrappers, make inventory more competitive and raise publishers' yield.

  1. TrafficForce
  2. PropellerAds
  3. Media.net
  4. Infolinks
  5. RevenueHits

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