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COMPLETE Chest Workout | Push-ups & Dumbbells ONLY

I'm going to be giving you a super effective chest workout that you can do right from your house, just using pretty light pair of dumbbells and different push-up variations, emphasizing and engaging d...
08 May 2022 ·
· 150 · Kevin

Is 4K Gaming on a Thin Laptop Actually Possible?

Is 4K gaming on a laptop actually possible,  and if it is, is it worth spending more money   on a 4K high refresh screen and  higher tier GPU to actually run games? This is the fir...
08 May 2022 ·
· 108 · Kevin

Samsung - GOOD NEWS!

The Galaxy S22 Ultra is arguably the best phone  at the moment which was launched with several key   enhancements in its arsenal. Better displays, S  Pen to name a few. But the S22...
08 May 2022 ·
· 100 · Kevin