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Exploring the infinite loop of teaching and learning, Vidya Vana aspires to provide children with a nurturing environment that fosters a love for learning.

How Technology Is Reshaping Learning In Play Schools

Play schools are no longer confined to building blocks and finger paints. Technology is making a playful and purposeful entrance into classrooms, transforming the learning experience for young childre...
1 week ago ·
· 3 · Vidya Vana

Essential Social Skills Your Toddler Learns In Preschool

The toddler years are a whirlwind of development. While many parents focus on academic milestones like learning letters and numbers, an equally important aspect of growth happens in the social-emotional realm. Preschool is vital in nurturing these crucial social skills, setting the stage for success...
03 June ·
· 3 · Vidya Vana

The Power Of Play: Unveiling The Developmental Wonders In Preschool Education

Play is the language of childhood, and in the realm of preschool education, it takes center stage as a dynamic and transformative force. While it may seem like children are simply having fun, the trut...
19 February ·
· 2 · Vidya Vana