Moro Auto Spa

Moro Auto Spa 9521 Greenback Lane, Suite 400, Folsom, California, 95630. United States

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Moro Detailing covers the detailing needs of Folsom and offers details, paint protection, car tint and marine services. The Shop’s owner, Alex, has been in the auto detailing industry for more than twenty-five years and brings a wide array of auto and marine expertise to the two shops. With certified Ceramic Pro installers the two shops add protection and value to every car that enters the garage. With a special emphasis on the customer business relationship we always puts the customer first.

Moro Auto Spa Professional Window Tint and Sacramento Car Wash Services

When it comes to enhancing the appearance and protecting the interior of your vehicle, Moro Auto Spa is the name you can trust. With expertise in professional window tinting and meticulous Sacramento...
19 February ·
· 2 · Moro Auto Spa

A Perfect Blend of Beauty and Efficiency: Transform Your Space with Paint in Folsom and Flawless Tinting

Two key components stand out when boosting your house's or commercial space's appearance and protection: paint and perfect tinting. These components combine in Folsom, California, to produce the ideal...
03 October 2023 ·
· 2 · Moro Auto Spa