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Modern Braces Are Stain Resistant

Ceramic brackets of today are far more stain resistant than their 1980s predecessors. Therefore, it's critical that you maintain appropriate dental hygiene during your orthodontic treatment. This entails brushing your teeth for two minutes at a time, twice daily. Additionally, you want to floss once...
24 January 2023 ·
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Advantages Of Orthodontic Therapy

What is the first thing you observe about someone you meet for the first time? It's the way they smile. Even though orthodontic treatments like braces, retainers, and clear aligners can help you get a straighter smile, they offer advantages beyond simply making your teeth look better. Orthodontist...
02 April ·
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What Advantages Does Wearing Braces Offer?

With the help of braces, you can correct misaligned teeth and improve the appearance of your smile, something you should be pleased with. While the majority of individuals are aware of the aesthetic a...
28 December 2023 ·
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Orthodontist Simplify the Treatment of Dental Diseases

If your teeth are crooked or out of alignment and you are unable to smile, you should visit a dentist. These specialists are equipped with everything required to use braces in Mt. Pleasant to treat and correct a person's oral abnormalities. More candy and sugar in the mouth promotes bacterial devel...
24 November 2022 ·
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The Benefits of Invisalign Over Braces

Although teenagers have shown a lot of interest in traditional braces because of their looks, most adults dislike the more obvious wires and brackets. Therefore, Invisalign in Burlington are excellent for folks who desire a discrete way to straighten their teeth. Invisalign braces in Mt. Pleasant a...
26 September 2023 ·
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Know this Before Getting Braces

You are a caring parent and as you move ahead to get braces, you should add the virtues of resilience, patience, and precautions as well. As you want the best possible dental care for your teen that include braces in Mt Pleasant, we will explain you what you need to know before your first visit with...
11 months ago ·
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