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Kolorist is a fast, accessible, and affordable hair salon dedicated to hair colouring services. We welcome anyone who desires to transform their hair colour, be it natural grey hair coverage or trying out the latest trendy hair colour. Unleash your creativity with your dream hair colour and Kolorist will give you the hair transformation you love! Kolorist strives to provide you with fast and high quality service for hair colouring with our professional in-house stylists. With a central location in

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the heart of Bugis and a mobile application for easy hair salon booking, you can achieve your dream hair colour with Kolorist even with the busiest schedule!

The Best Yet Affordable Haircut in Singapore

Looking for an Affordable haircut in Singapore? Before that you should determine the accurate haircut that suits your face shape. Most people make a mistake in choosing a suitable hair style that...
16 February 2023 ·
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Locate an Affordable Hair Salon Near Me In Singapore

Are you weary of your old look? Looking for hair care? Seeking a new hairstyle or a new haircut? Find the best yet affordable hair salon near me in Singapore. You will get a trendy fresh new look and...
03 February 2023 ·
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Reasons to Hire the Best and Affordable Hair Salon in Singapore

Taking care of your hair is essential as it affects the appearance of an individual. This is why you should visit the best hair salon in Singapore. In this modern world, many people of different ages...
27 January 2023 ·
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