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Top CRM Features Accountants Need to Boost Productivity and Revenue

CRM for accounting - does it really exist ? All too often, we think that CRM is a marketing tool, however, sometimes we forget that this type of management software may be used across all the departm...
20 May · 0 · 7 · Hunny Jaswal

Housing Loan EMI Calculator: Must use Tool before Applying for a Home Loan

Housing credits are among the most sought-after loans among borrowers wanting to purchase a home. Moreover, with the repo rate kept constant by the RBI, several financial institutions have significant...
31 January · 0 · 5 · Hunny Jaswal

Training Budget Woes? Secure it with these 5 Long-Term Strategies

Training helps employees learn new skills that can help them grow with the organisation. It helps increase team productivity and optimise resources and is key to the growth and success of any organisa...
31 January · 0 · 4 · Hunny Jaswal

Check Out The Best Branded Fans Available Online On EMI

As fans are undoubtedly one of the most important parts of your home, it makes sense to buy them on EMI when you are low on cash. EMI makes the payment more convenient and simpler. Rather than pay in...
31 January · 0 · 6 · Hunny Jaswal

7 Ways to Make your Water Purifier Last Longer

Good quality water purifiers come at a price – an established brand like Cuckoo RO water purifier is located at the higher end of the price ladder.  To explore the price range of this product, type ‘...
29 November 2022 · 0 · 15 · Hunny Jaswal