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Di Martino Law Group centers its legal practice on the intersection of business, law and international commercial matters. With offices in the United States and in Europe our law firm offers legal representation to clients with business interests in both sides of the Atlantic. Our lawyers have been involved in the practice of law for more than forty years specializing in the diverse areas of law, business and related public policy.

From Italy to America: Your Path to Success with the E2 Visa Lawyer

The E2 Treaty Investor Visa provides an opportunity for Italian nationals to pursue their business endeavors in the United States. This visa allows them to develop and oversee their E-2 company, grant...
02 June ·
· 8 · Di Martino Law

What Everyone Must Know About Corporate and Contract Law ?

The laws governing corporate and contract law are complex and often confusing. A corporate attorney in Los Angeles serves a key role in helping companies and individuals understand these laws as well...
12 January ·
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How Long Does it Take to process Spousal Immigration?

If you are married to a US citizen or permanent resident and want to come to the United States to live, you may be eligible for a green card through marriage. The process of getting a green card throu...
08 November 2022 ·
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Tips on starting a Real estate property management business

Real estate refers to the property, land, buildings, air rights above land and underground rights below land. The term real estate means real, or physical, property. "Real" comes from the Latin root r...
10 October 2022 ·
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