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A Plus Reporting has been serving communities across Connecticut and the globe for over 20 years. Our professional court reporting services put the needs of clients first: we strive to meet them at all times – any place, any time. We are a women-run organization and take pride in our duties to assist the legal community. We believe in building strong personal relationships. We provide our clients with reliable, highly proficient court reporters, transcriptionists and videographers. Our commitment

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to this and the fact that we always offer access to the best resources available, has allowed us to form many long lasting relationships throughout the years with both reporters and clients alike.

The Court Reporting Process

The reporting of court proceedings must be conducted with the utmost precision and professionalism. Using specialized tools including stenotype machines, speech writing software, and digital recorders...
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Court Reporting Services in North Haven

Depositions, arbitrations, and court hearings all rely heavily on court reporting services. There are a number of excellent court reporting North Haven, available to both solo practitioners and large...
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Exploring the Role of Court Reporters in the Justice System

Uncover the essential role Connecticut Court Reporters play in the justice system. Gain insights into how their meticulous transcription skills help create an accurate historical record of legal proce...
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Court Reporting Services: A Vital Component of Legal Documentation

Recognize the vital importance of Court Reporting New Haven services in the realm of legal documentation. Explore how these services provide comprehensive and reliable transcripts, ensuring the preser...
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